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Patronie’s Pizza

Packing a suitcase and knowing you’re headed to scenic Holden Beach, North Carolina in the name of fun is always a refreshing experience for travelers! This is a vacation destination perfect for solo travelers, couples, small groups and large group getaways alike where the focus is on fun under the sun. In Holden Beach and the surrounding communities, it’s just as easy to spend time unwinding on the sand as it is to hit the waves in style. When you’d prefer to shop and dine your way through a Holden Beach stay, that’s an option here as well. No matter what your travel plans entail, what your adventuring interests may be, or how long you plan to stay in the name of fun, Holden Beach is for everyone! It’s also a locale that hosts an impressive culinary scene and when your trip here finds you longing for a taste of Brooklyn in the heart of North Carolina, you’ll find what you’re looking for and more at Patronie’s Pizza.

Settle in with Flavor and Fun

Patronie’s Pizza is easily found at 2625 Holden Beach Road SW in Supply and is open to the dining public Tuesday through Saturday from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Patronie’s Pizza is designed to offer guests access to an authentic Brooklyn-style menu right in the Holden Beach area with every visit! Located within a restored building constructed over 100 years ago, Patronie’s Pizza is a family-friendly eatery to enjoy whether you’re in the mood for pasta, heroes, or specialty pizza selections. The bright red façade lets you know you’ve arrived in the right place and inside, the combination of hardwood flooring and red vinyl chairs, and sleek tabletops to match offer up a nostalgic retro-inspired vibe that’s equally fun! The walls are covered in art and posters while the service here is notoriously friendly too.

Menu Favorites to Try

Anytime you drop by Patronie’s Pizza, guests will have options to order up traditional pizza favorite upon request. While selections like cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and veggie abound, the specialty pizzas might pique your interest too. This listing includes options like Hawaiian, shrimp parmesan, BBQ, NY White Pie Deluxe, and beyond. Garlic knots, pasta, and chicken wings are also on the menu here alongside party platter options when you’re feeding a large crew or can’t decide on just a few. Before you go, don’t forget to try the Italian donuts, cannoli, and New York-style cheesecake.

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