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Memorial Day Vacancy

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While Memorial Day Weekend starts our Prime Season 7 night minimum stay, there are a few properties left with less than 7 days that are available over the Memorial Day weekend. Our Summer calendar is filling up fast – if you’re looking to spend Memorial Day weekend at Holden Beach, below is a list of the few properties still available. This list was accurate when published, however, our inventory changes constantly, so please check each home’s page to confirm availability and pricing. Can’t find the home you’re looking for, or the rate you need? Feel free to reach out to our reservationists at (910) 842-1550 or by using the contact form above – we’d love to help!

Unit NameStart DateEnd DateDaysLocationBedroomsBathroomsGuests
A Captain's Cottage - 1211 OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Oceanfront438
Beach Time - 769-B OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Oceanfront338
Blissful Escape - 292 E Brunswick5/28/20226/4/20227Dunes328
Blue Mind - 357 OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Oceanfront5512
Captain's Cabin - 348 A OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Second Row32.58
Cavalier Attitude - 870 OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Second Row42.59
Clippers Ocean Spray - 1313 OBW5/30/20226/4/20225Oceanfront6614
Coast Watch - 1349 OBW5/31/20226/4/20224Oceanfront44.512
Hook, Wine, & Sleeper - 1055 Tide Ridge5/28/20226/4/20227Dunes55.512
Jolly Roger V - 239 OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Oceanfront428
Kitty's Place - 114 Seaview Dr5/28/20226/4/20227Dunes326
Lulu Rose - 309 OBE5/28/20226/4/20227Oceanfront224
My Happy Place - 1002 OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Second Row429
Paradise Found - 332 OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Second Row43.512
Porpoise - 125 High Point #35/28/20226/4/20227Canal214
Porpoise Point - 587 OBW5/30/20226/4/20225Oceanfront5512
Sand Dollar - 125 High Point #15/28/20226/4/20227Canal21..54
Sandy Feet Retreat - 298 OBW #25/28/20226/4/20227Second Row428
SeaQuest West - 147 W OBE5/30/20226/4/20225Second Row439
Shore Beats Work - 298 Ocean Blvd West #15/28/20226/4/20227Second Row429
The Big Mac of Holden Beach - 139 OBE5/30/20226/4/20225Second Row5310
The Doodle Dock - 133 Starfish5/28/20226/4/20227Canal328
The Sand Dollar - 771-B OBW5/31/20226/4/20224Oceanfront338
Wait N' Sea - 307 OBE5/28/20226/4/20227Oceanfront4210
Waters Edge 427-C OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Oceanfront224
Waters Edge 427-D OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Oceanfront224
Waters Edge 429-C OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Oceanfront227
Waters Edge 433-A OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Oceanfront226
Waters Edge 433-B OBW5/28/20226/4/20227Oceanfront224
Why Not - 1043 OBW5/31/20226/4/20224Oceanfront438