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Welcome to the delicious world of Holden Beach food trucks, where the sun-kissed beaches and vibrant streets are home to a variety of dining establishments. As you explore the sandy shores and charming towns, don’t miss the chance to savor the diverse offerings of places to eat at Holden Beach from some of the top food trucks in the area.


Captain John’s Seafood

Captain John’s Seafood stands out as a culinary gem in Brunswick County, offering the best seafood experience that locals have cherished for years. The fried pork chops evoke the nostalgic flavors of grandma’s kitchen, and the crispy, flavorful fried shrimp and flounder are unparalleled. The sides, particularly the mac ‘n’ cheese, are some of the best the area has ever seen, with an indescribable richness. The green beans, infused with ham and bacon flavor, are nothing short of amazing.

Simply Barbecue

Simply Barbecue is more than just a food truck; it’s a family legacy of hickory-smoked excellence. Established in 2017 by Pitmaster Dennis Sansone, a culinary veteran with 30 years of experience and a passion for barbecue, this spot excels in simplicity and flavor. Specializing in hickory-smoked beef brisket, pulled pork, and pork ribs, Simply Barbecue ensures a taste of authenticity. The meats are rubbed in a unique blend of spices and smoked in-house, providing a genuine barbecue experience. The limited menu is intentional — a commitment to the essence of barbecue. Dennis Sansone’s dream, realized in this food truck, brings the Greater Holden Beach area a true barbecue haven.

Nana’s Main Ingredients

Nana’s Main Ingredients, LLC, is dedicated to delivering the freshest seafood on the strand. This food truck takes pride in its ever-changing menu, depending on the freshest catch of the day. Beyond seafood, they offer a variety of menu options and catering services. A popular choice is their gourmet low country boil, cooked on the spot. The emphasis on freshness and on-site preparation ensures a culinary experience that reflects the true flavors of Holden Beach. For those craving a taste of the ocean in every bite, Nana’s Main Ingredients is a reliable and delicious choice.

Hot Diggity Dogs and Hogs

Hot Diggity Dogs and Hogs is a symphony of smoke and flavor, boasting a menu crafted with care and dedication. From slow-smoked Boston Butts that spend 12-14 hours in the smoker to homemade hush puppies and all-beef hot dogs, every element is a testament to their commitment to quality. The hand-pattied burgers, prepared daily with ground chuck, showcase their dedication to excellence. Whether you opt for red or white slaw, the homemade chili, or the scrumptious hush puppies, each bite is a journey into the heart of barbecue craftsmanship. This food truck is a celebration of traditional flavors, ensuring a memorable culinary experience.

Bad Eatz

Bad Eatz stands out in the Holden Beach food truck scene with its redefined approach to Mexican cuisine, focusing on the beloved taco. While simplicity is key, the flavors are anything but ordinary. From classic options to innovative combinations, Bad Eatz offers a taco experience that caters to a variety of tastes. Each bite is a burst of Mexican culinary delight, proving that sometimes, the most straightforward approach yields the most satisfying results. For taco enthusiasts seeking authenticity and flavor, Bad Eatz is a must-try on Holden Beach food truck tour.

Street Slingers Grill & Catering

Street Slingers Grill & Catering, a local favorite, boasts a diverse menu that caters to a range of tastes. Known for their flounder and shrimp dishes that capture the essence of coastal cuisine, this food truck has become a go-to spot for seafood enthusiasts in the Holden Beach area. Their awesome cheeseburgers and fries add a classic touch, satisfying those seeking comfort food with a twist. The menu doesn’t stop there; it extends to Philadelphia Cheesesteak and Italian Sausage, providing a variety of options for everyone.

Whether you’re with the family or simply craving a quick snack on your way to the beach, Street Slingers Grill & Catering has you covered. The diverse menu ensures that there’s something for every palate, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate flavorful and well-prepared dishes.

Book Your Food Truck Adventure to Holden Beach

As you savor the delectable offerings from these top food trucks on Holden Beach, turn your visit into a complete experience by booking one of our beautiful vacation rentals. Whether you’re seeking a cozy retreat for a solo adventure, a spacious property for a small group getaway, or a pet-friendly haven for your furry companions, our diverse range of accommodations has you covered. Holden Beach not only offers sun-soaked beaches and delicious food truck delights but also a variety of vacation rentals to suit your every need. Reach out to us today and book your stay now!


Welcome to the shores of Holden Beach, where love meets simplicity. As Valentine’s Day approaches, visit Holden Beach and explore this coastal town, uncovering the charm that makes it the perfect backdrop for a romantic celebration. From sandy strolls to seafood feasts and water adventures to beachside bonfires, Holden Beach invites you to experience a Valentine’s Day that feels just right.


A Beachside Romance

Holden Beach sets the stage for a Valentine’s Day celebration steeped in seaside romance. Begin your day by strolling along the sandy shores with your loved one. The sounds of the waves and the salty breeze create an idyllic backdrop for a romantic moment. Feel the cool sand between your toes, breathe in the ocean air, and let the beauty of the beach set the tone for a day filled with love.

As you stroll along the shoreline, discover seashells scattered like treasures and enjoy each other’s company. Holden Beach offers a sense of calm, making it the perfect spot to connect and enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Enjoy Seafood at The Provision Company

After your beachside excursion, head to The Provision Company to indulge in the coastal charm and enjoy fresh, local seafood flavors. This laid-back eatery captures the essence of Holden Beach, offering a waterfront dining experience that complements the day’s romantic theme.

Relax in the casual atmosphere, with the sound of seagulls in the background and the scent of the ocean wafting through the air. The menu boasts an array of seafood dishes, from perfectly grilled fish to succulent shrimp. Dive into a plate of crab cakes or opt for a classic shrimp basket – each bite is an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Pair your meal with a refreshing beverage, and toast to the simple joys of good company and delicious coastal cuisine.

A Sunset Cruise

Consider hopping on a sunset cruise for a memorable Valentine’s Day experience in Holden Beach. The area boasts several charters that offer a range of tours, from leisurely cruises to informative narrated journeys. As you drift along the water, keep an eye out for dolphins – the playful companions often making an appearance, adding a touch of enchantment to your maritime adventure.

For those seeking a unique twist, consider renting a private tiki boat with Cruisin Tikis. These handcrafted boats, equipped with hand railings, provide an intimate setting for up to six people. Complete with Bluetooth speakers to set the mood with your favorite music and the freedom to bring a cooler stocked with drinks and snacks, it’s a great way to spend quality time together while navigating the waters.

Stay in a Cozy Beachfront Rental

Extend the romance into the night by booking one of our cozy beachfront rentals for your Valentine’s Day retreat. We offer a range of accommodation options, from charming cottages to stylish condos with ocean views. Choose a rental that suits your preferences and provides a private haven for the two of you.

Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves and stepping onto your own private balcony to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. A beachfront rental allows you to create a personalized and intimate space, ensuring that your Valentine’s Day extends beyond just a few activities. Enjoy the comfort of a home away from home, with the beach as your backyard.

Spend the Day Fishing

For couples who share a love for fishing, Holden Beach opens up a world of opportunities to cast a line and reel in memorable moments together. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just looking for a relaxed day by the water, Holden Beach provides options for both offshore fishing and chartering a boat for a more personalized experience.

Offshore fishing is a popular choice, allowing you to venture into deeper waters in pursuit of a variety of fish species. Feel the thrill of the open sea and the challenge of reeling in your catch as you soak in the panoramic views. Many local operators offer offshore fishing excursions, providing all the equipment you need and expert guidance to enhance your fishing experience.

For a more intimate and tailored adventure, chartering a boat is a fantastic option. Numerous charter services in Holden Beach offer private fishing trips, where you can enjoy the waters with just your partner and a seasoned captain.

Book Your Romantic Getaway in Holden Beach Today

In Holden Beach, NC, Valentine’s Day becomes an exploration of love in its simplest and most genuine form. From beachside strolls to savoring local seafood, nautical adventures to bonfires under the stars, and the comfort of a beachfront rental – every experience is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your shared love story. This Valentine’s Day, let Holden Beach be the canvas where you paint memories that will last a lifetime. Reach out today and book your beachfront rental!


Looking for a fantastic way to dive into the New Year? Look no further than Holden Beach, North Carolina, where coastal charm blends with outdoor adventures, creating the perfect setting for a memorable start to 2024. Whether you’re drawn to the sandy shores, eager for water activities, or simply looking to relax, a Holden Beach vacation has something special for everyone. Learn more below and discover why Holden Beach is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable beginning to 2024.


Enjoy Time Outside

Embracing the mild coastal climate of Holden Beach, North Carolina, during winter opens up plenty of water adventures. Bridgeview Park stands out as a prime launching point for water enthusiasts. The park offers many experiences, combining recreation with stunning views of the Holden Beach Bridge and the Intracoastal Waterway.

As the colder months set in, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and even surfing finds a welcoming home at Holden Beach. Jet skiing enthusiasts rev up their engines for a dose of adrenaline. The right gear, including wetsuits, booties, and hoods, ensures these activities are enjoyable, even when the air carries a chill.

Bridgeview Park features a playground, a multipurpose court, bocce ball courts, a picnic shelter, a splash pad for added fun, restrooms for convenience, and a pier equipped with transient docks. Whether you’re a seasoned paddleboarder or a novice kayaker, Bridgeview Park provides a perfect starting point for your adventure.

Enjoy the Local Flavor

Welcoming the arrival of 2024 with a delicious meal is a fantastic way to kick off the new year, and Holden Beach, North Carolina, offers a wide range of dining options to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re in the mood for a laid-back, casual dining experience or an elegant meal to mark a special occasion, this coastal haven has it all.

Holden Beach is renowned for its fresh seafood, and no visit is complete without enjoying the local catch. From succulent shrimp and flaky fish to delectable crab and oysters, seafood enthusiasts will find their taste buds dancing with delight. The coastal charm extends to island-style cuisine, providing a unique fusion of flavors that captures the essence of beachside living.

For those craving the heartiness of barbecue, Holden Beach boasts fantastic options that serve up mouthwatering smoked meats and savory sauces. Sink your teeth into tender pulled pork, smoky ribs, and flavorful brisket for a satisfying feast that embodies the spirit of Southern barbecue.

If you’re in the mood for something more casual, the island offers a variety of options, from juicy burgers to classic pizzas that cater to every palate. Whether you’re dining with family, friends, or someone special, Holden Beach’s dining scene ensures that every meal is a delightful experience.

Shop Til You Drop

Planning a New Year’s getaway to Holden Beach and wondering about the shopping scene? Holden Beach has a variety of local gift shops, bookstores, boutiques, clothing stores, and art and gift shops to explore.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, the local gift shops offer a range of items, from trinkets to beachwear, perfect for capturing the essence of the coastal atmosphere. Book lovers can explore cozy bookstores, and fashion enthusiasts can find unique pieces in small boutiques around town.

Jewelry enthusiasts will be delighted by the selection available, whether you prefer delicate beach-themed pieces or bold statements. And for those who appreciate art and unique gifts, Holden Beach has a collection of stores showcasing the coastal beauty and local artistic talent.

Enjoy Some Family-Friendly Fun

If you’re looking to switch up the New Year celebration with a break from the beach and a dose of family fun, Planet Fun Bowling & Arcade in Shallotte is the go-to spot.

It’s not just your typical bowling alley; it’s a hub of entertainment for all ages. Gather your friends and family for a round of bowling, and let the good times roll. The alleys are perfect for some friendly competition or just a casual game to kick off the year in a lighthearted way.

But the fun doesn’t stop at bowling. Mini golf enthusiasts can hone their putting skills on the mini golf course, adding a touch of friendly rivalry to your New Year’s festivities. The arcade games are a blast for kids and adults alike, offering a mix of classic and modern games that guarantee hours of excitement.

And for those seeking an adrenaline rush, why not engage in a thrilling game of laser tag? It’s the perfect way to spend quality time with loved ones while unleashing your competitive spirit.

So, when you’re ready for a break from the sandy shores, head over to Planet Fun for a New Year’s celebration filled with laughter, friendly competition, and family bonding.

Book Your Holden Beach Adventure

Don’t wait any longer! Book your stay in one of our beautiful Holden Beach vacation rentals. Whether you’re visiting with a romantic partner, a small group of friends, or the entire family, we have a property for you. Contact us to book your stay today.


In the heart of a gated community, this oceanfront sanctuary beckons you to experience the essence of coastal living. Featuring 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a private swimming pool, and an elevator, “Nothing Could Be Finer” is not just a residence; it’s your invitation to the laid-back beauty of beachfront life. Join us on a walkthrough through a Holden Beach vacation home where modern comfort seamlessly blends with the relaxed coastal charm!


Features & Amenities

Welcome to your private beach oasis within the Holden Beach West gated community. This stunning oceanfront home, “Nothing Could Be Finer,” invites you to experience sophisticated beach living at its finest. Boasting six bedrooms and six bathrooms, this beautiful home is a haven of comfort and coastal charm.

As you step inside, the airy open-concept living room, dining room, and kitchen area unfold before you. The space features modern furnishings, hardwood flooring, and a coastal aesthetic that immediately sets the tone for relaxation. Sink into the plush furniture in the living room, complete with a large screen TV, ceiling fan, and a cozy gas fireplace, perfect for those cooler beach evenings.

The fully equipped kitchen is a chef’s dream, featuring granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, a gas range, and a center island bar with seating for four. Coffee enthusiasts will enjoy the options available, from standard drip to Keurig, Nespresso, or coffee press – your perfect brew is just a choice away.

The kitchen inside our Holden Beach vacation home

Bedtime becomes a luxurious experience in the king and queen rooms, each equipped with Sony 4K smart TVs and Naim high-resolution stereos. Charging stations in every bedroom ensure your devices are ready for another day of beachside fun. The thoughtfully designed bedrooms provide varied views and amenities for your comfort and enjoyment.

Elevate your stay by taking advantage of the elevator, ensuring easy access to every floor. Upstairs, a gamer’s paradise awaits with comfortable seating, a table for board games, a large Sony 4K SmartTV, and gaming systems such as PS4 Pro, XBOX One X, Atari, and Nintendo. It’s a space designed for both digital and traditional gaming enthusiasts.

The private beach boardwalk offers a quick route to the sandy shores of Holden Beach. After a day of seaside delights, rinse off in the outdoor shower with hot and cold water. Outdoor games like Ping Pong, ladder golf, and more await your family’s playful moments. Whether you choose to laze by the pool or take a refreshing dip, the Wi-Fi upgrade ensures connectivity even in the outdoor haven. Additional conveniences include an outdoor storage area for your use.

As the day winds down, savor the breathtaking Holden Beach sunsets from the comfort of your covered porches. Bask in the sunshine on the open sundeck or enjoy a meal at the picnic table on the ocean side. “Nothing Could Be Finer” than the blend of comfort, recreation, and coastal beauty that awaits you!

A Breath of Fresh Seaside Living

Holden Beach is your ticket to outdoor living on the North Carolina coast. The beach here is your open playground, with the soft sand and gentle waves offering the perfect destination for relaxation.

Start your day with a casual stroll along the shore. Feel the sand beneath your feet, maybe pick up a seashell or two, and let the waves provide a natural background noise. And if you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re on the pier or casting from the shoreline, Holden Beach keeps it simple. It’s just you, the water, and the possibility of a good catch.

Take it slow and rent a bike to explore the flat island terrain. Coastal views unfold as you pedal through the neighborhoods, and the breeze reminds you that you’re on island time. Are you feeling adventurous? Grab a kayak and explore the waters. Glide through the marshes, take in the coastal ecosystem, and keep an eye out for the local wildlife.

For families, the public beach accesses become play areas. Spread out a blanket, pack a picnic, and let the day unfold with the sounds of the ocean as your backdrop. As the sun sets, head to the shore for a straightforward appreciation of nature’s beauty.

Holden Beach is a place where outdoor living is as uncomplicated as it gets. Each step on the sand, every cast into the water, and each paddle in the gentle waves is a chance to embrace the simplicity of this seaside escape.


Book Your Holden Beach Adventure

Experience the beauty of Holden Beach by booking your stay today. From sandy strolls to casual fishing, Holden Beach invites you to experience the charm of outdoor living. Pack your bags, leave the hustle behind, and discover the ease of seaside relaxation that awaits you at Holden Beach. Your coastal escape is just a reservation away. Your seaside adventure awaits!

Escape to a Christmas like no other on the shores of Holden Beach, North Carolina. As winter gently graces this coastal haven, a unique holiday experience unfolds. Imagine the soothing sound of waves, a touch of salty air, and a sense of seasonal joy. Holden Beach invites you to a Christmas that goes beyond the ordinary. From coastal Christmas charm to mild winter weather, the festivities here offer a distinct charm. Join us as we explore why Christmas in Holden Beach becomes a haven for those seeking a truly exceptional and laid-back holiday season!


Coastal Christmas Charm

Holden Beach transforms into a magical wonderland during the Christmas season. The blend of coastal beauty and festive charm is a unique experience that draws visitors from near and far. The beaches, usually a hub of summer activity, take on a peaceful ambiance. Picture yourself strolling along the shore with the gentle sound of waves as your backdrop, and the salty breeze carrying a hint of holiday cheer.

As the sun sets over the horizon, the sky becomes a canvas for breathtaking hues of pink and orange, creating an unbelievable setting for your Christmas activities. The coastal Christmas charm of Holden Beach is an invitation to savor the holiday season in an enchanting environment.

Mild Winter Weather

One of the significant draws of spending Christmas in Holden Beach is the mild winter weather. Escape the biting cold of northern climates and embrace the warm temperatures of this coastal haven. Winter here is a different experience – no need for heavy layers or cumbersome winter gear. The mild climate, an average high of 68 degrees, allows you to enjoy outdoor activities without the constraints of freezing temperatures.

Imagine building sandcastles instead of snowmen or having a family picnic on the beach on Christmas Day. The inviting weather adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your holiday experience, providing the freedom to explore the outdoors in comfort.

Festive Events and Activities

Holden Beach comes alive with plenty of festive events and activities during the Christmas season. The community spirit is contagious as locals and visitors alike join in the celebrations. From dazzling light displays that illuminate the night to charming holiday markets offering unique gifts, there’s always something happening.

Attend tree lighting ceremonies that mark the official start of the holiday season, and don’t miss the lively Christmas parades featuring beautifully decorated floats and festive music. The community’s commitment to creating a joyful atmosphere ensures that there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy during your stay.

Fresh Seafood Feast

One of the perks of spending Christmas in Holden Beach is enjoying a fresh seafood feast. Many local restaurants embrace the holiday spirit by creating special menus that showcase the best of the coastal catch. Swap traditional turkey for succulent shrimp, crab, or flounder, and treat your taste buds to a Christmas dinner with a distinctive coastal twist.

Gather with loved ones in waterfront restaurants, where the views rival the flavors on your plate. The combination of festive ambiance, fresh seafood, and ocean vistas creates a dining experience that is as memorable as it is delicious. Make your Christmas meal a celebration of local flavors against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

Holiday Beach Rentals

To truly make the most of your Christmas in Holden Beach, reserve one of our holiday rentals. Our selection includes cozy beachfront cottages with panoramic views and spacious family homes that cater to all your needs. Wake up on Christmas morning to the sound of the ocean waves and step onto your balcony to witness a sunrise over the Atlantic – a unique and unforgettable way to start the day.

Our holiday rentals provide the perfect blend of comfort and convenience, offering amenities that cater to both relaxation and celebration.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Holden Beach’s reputation for being a family-friendly destination extends to the holiday season. The community’s welcoming spirit ensures that visitors of all ages feel at home. Christmas becomes an opportunity for families to come together and create lasting memories in a warm and inviting environment.

Participate in family-friendly events, from holiday craft workshops to gingerbread house decorating contests. The sense of community is strong during Christmas, fostering connections and creating a festive atmosphere that resonates with the season’s true spirit. Whether you’re traveling with young children, teenagers, or multiple generations, Holden Beach offers activities that cater to diverse interests.

Book Your Holiday Retreat

As you plan your Christmas getaway, book one of our beautiful holiday rentals in Holden Beach. Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of the ocean, spending your days exploring the festive events, and enjoying fresh seafood feasts against the backdrop of the Atlantic. Contact us to book your holiday rental in Holden Beach now and unwrap the gift of a coastal Christmas. Your seaside celebration awaits!