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When you dream of long, lazy days at the beach, sunrise or sunset strolls along shore’s edge spent watching the fire that takes over the sky, and family moments that remind you of how lucky you are to be a part of this family, you know it is time to start planning your annual vacation to Holden Beach! And because we know what travelers like, we provide the base for all your beach adventures, giving comfort, style, and seaside views to all who step inside our beautiful homes, including one of our more popular ones, A Blue Monkey! Offering 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and that beach lifestyle that makes everyone forget that real life is just a plane ride away, up to 10 people can cohabit peacefully within its walls and today, we at PROACTIVE Vacations want to take a few minutes to give you a closer look! Blue Monkey shines bright in its perch in an exclusive gated community and your vacation journey will shine brighter when you choose this colorful escape for your home sweet Holden Beach vacation home!

Leave your Troubles at the Door 

The South is always welcoming and A Blue Monkey shares in this calming trait, inviting guests to step inside and begin a journey filled with comfort, joy, and breathtaking views. Offering an inverted floor plan with all but one of the bedrooms located on the first floor, our tour is actually going to begin on the second level, with a walkthrough of the public spaces. The open-concept floor plan is filled with light, thanks in part to walls of windows, sliding glass doors, and a series of skylights that can help a rainy day seem more romantic as the raindrops tiptoe gently across their surfaces.

Creamy-hued walls complement the walnut floors, and vaulted ceilings add drama to the simple décor below. A leather sofa in chocolate leather and two matching chairs with ottomans anchor the floorplan of the living room, placed to maximize the views of the water just outside. The state-of-the-art television is tucked away in the corner opposite, while just beyond, lies two large dining tables, pushed together to create one large area for dining, playing games, and relaxing in between adventures.

Maybe this is the spot you will leave a partially constructed puzzle spread out, taking spare moments to push little pieces of cardboard into their correct spaces, or maybe you will use the table for morning conversations shared with coffee as you prepare to begin each day. The fully equipped kitchen lying off to the side ensures that meals won’t have to be carried far to be enjoyed. A modern space offering a farmhouse appeal, the kitchen is roomy enough for multiple chefs to share the space, working together to create the family meal.

Throughout the home, constant reminders that the sea is within close proximity can be found in the artwork and décor, but is it really necessary when you can catch glimpses of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal waterways through nearly every window on this level. Step out onto the wood deck that is lined with brightly colored rocking chairs, perfectly aligned to enjoy views of the sea and the pool and hot tub located on the lower level. Yes, dear travelers, this beautiful escape offers its own private pool and hot tub, ensuring that every day of your stay will be filled with water choices!

View of the deck of A Blue Monkey vacation home

Hang out with your toes buried in the soft sands of Holden Beach feeling sea breezes kiss your cheeks as the music of ocean waves bring peace to your soul. Or, spread out a colorful beach towel on the wood deck and bask in the warmth of the North Carolina sun, in between dips in the coolly refreshing waters of the crystal clear pool. The hot tub is perfect for use any time of the year, adding romance and warmth to your getaway and helping keep muscles loose as the jets ease any aches or pains. 

It Just Keeps Getting Better!

A Blue Monkey offers all the comforts of home and nowhere is that more apparent than in the 4 bedrooms it provides. Light filled when you want them to be, but still offering the ability to close out the sun and sleep later in the mornings, each room provides that something extra that encourages sleep and respite. The private baths attached to each of the 4-bedrooms help to lessen morning traffic jams and ensure that each guest has privacy, while the master bath is anchored by a deep jetted tub that will come in handy when the hot tub on the deck is in use by others.  Three of the four bedrooms offer balconies where you will want to enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings, one provides a king bed and ocean views, and one guest room promises to be the delight of your children, furnished with two sets of bunk beds from which secrets will be shared, whispers will be a little too loud, and giggles will be uncontrollable!

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The longer days and warmer temperatures serve as a reminder that summer, and the holidays that accompany this most wonderful time of the year, isn’t that far off. As a matter of fact, by now you may be already starting to think about where you want to spend the first of those summer holidays, especially Memorial Day! You may be imagining sandy beaches and sunsets over the sea, long days spent frolicking and relaxing, and nights that bring comfort, rest, and deep sleep in soft beds. And because if you know, you know, those daydreams may be pointing in the direction of one of North Carolina’s most idyllic barrier islands, Holden Beach. Our golden beaches have been making dreams come true for decades and discerning travelers have discovered that their most comfortable dreams come true when they choose PROACTIVE Vacations for shelter during their Memorial Day getaway! This guide to spending Memorial Day on Holden Beach may start pointing your dreams in the same direction!

Feel the Peace

Beaches have always brought peace and tranquility to our souls and our beaches offer the perfect example, but it’s more than sand and sea that has that effect, it’s the island itself. Feel your shoulders loosen, your troubles dissipate, and all your cares melt away within seconds of arriving on the island. The quiet serenity of Holden Beach, as opposed to other islands that may offer a more frenetic atmosphere, burrows its way into your soul. As you begin to relax and settle in for the start of a fun-filled Memorial Day escape, it will be easy to forget that this special adventure will not be one that lasts forever.

This Way to the Beach

After you unpack your luggage and stock the pantries and refrigerators in our fully equipped kitchens, it will be time to begin your vacation in earnest and what beach vacation would be complete without at least one day spent at the beach? Having chosen one of our PROACTIVE Vacations oceanfront sanctuaries, you won’t have far to walk and as you cross the wooden boardwalk that leads to golden sands dragging your gear behind you, the day stretches out in front of you, filled with promise. Stake your claim on the segment of beach closest to your home marking your territory with a colorful umbrella and beach chairs that match, perhaps offering a cheerful red, white, and blue color scheme in honor of the holiday! At this point, we suggest you slather on the sunscreen before going any further, but we promise, this is the last activity you will have to do. The rest of this day will be filled with adventures that are tailored to your personality, even if those adventures involve nothing more than a magazine, a beverage, and earbuds filling your ears with the music you love, proving once again there is no wrong way to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday!

Shop the Sales

This holiday is famous for its sales and when you spend some time dipping in and out of the shops of Holden Beach, you are sure to find the perfect gift at a really good price! Our favorite part of our vacations is the souvenir shops in the towns we are visiting and if you are of like mind, we can promise you are going to have the time of your life! Drop by Beach Mart, 3368 Holden Beach Road SW, and shop till you drop; they also offer beach gear should you need to supplement your collection of toys, umbrellas, or swimsuits. Some of the best gifts for all those folks back home who are collecting your mail, feeding your dogs, and watering your plants, can be found at the Coastal Gem Beach House, featuring beach stuff, souvenirs, and a host of other gifts you won’t want to pass by! And although there are plenty more shops to explore, there is nothing more American than enjoying an ice cream cone on a beautiful almost summer day! Step inside Beaches N Cream, 3316 Holden Beach Road SW, and give your sweet tooth a sweet treat that is handmade and created in small batches right there in the shop. Every day offers a new flavor to taste to discover, so multiple visits might be in store!

Memorial Day with PROACTIVE Vacations

As you shop, beach, and explore all that Holden Beach has to offer, some of your favorite memories will be created at home with us! Keeping your beer chilled to the right temperature in our high-end appliances, watching Memorial Day themed movies on smart televisions offering pictures so clear you may find yourself saluting the Colonel when he walks into the scene on the screen, and planning a family barbecue to commemorate this very special holiday in the backyard of your very special PROACTIVE Vacations beach house! Reserve your favorite escape today!


It may be just a product of our overactive imaginations or simply a sign of how much we love our hometown in Holden Beach North Carolina, but it feels as if the sun shines brighter here. Offering a warmth that we hold close to our hearts, your upcoming vacation to our favorite place on earth will help you see things the way we do, especially when you choose our Proactive Vacations Sweet Carolina for your home sweet Holden Beach vacation home. Offering 4 serene bedrooms, 3 spacious baths, and the laidback beachy lifestyle that will calm your soul and quiet the noises in your brain, Sweet Carolina is built to handle the demands of up to 8 people, ensuring your North Carolina getaway will help bring you closer to the ones you love! Located just across the street from the ocean, briny scented breezes will tickle your fancy and the sounds of waves crashing against sandy beaches will lull you into a state of joy and serenity you will wish could last forever! This guide to the charms and comforts of Sweet Carolina will give you a sneak peek into one of our most popular homes, giving you a little something extra to look forward to as you cross off the days on your calendar!

Sweet Carolina living area

Welcome Home to Paradise!

Standing high on the street, the mint green exterior of Sweet Carolina may have you craving an ice cream cone of the same flavor, but unlike the ice cream, this home will stand strong no matter how bright the sun’s rays. Take a few minutes to enjoy the views from the covered porch, sinking into one of the rockers that line up against the railing, temporarily leaving your bags at the doorstep of your Holden Beach escape and waiting until the serenity of the scene you are staring at sinks into your soul.

Finally opening the door to beauty and calm, it’s time to follow the path of engineered hardwood floors (designed to resemble the driftwood on the beach) into spaces filled with light and warmth. The colors of the sea are vibrant ones that are reflected in the décor of Sweet Carolina, including sky blue painted walls, the red of coral in the art work, and an assortment of other sea themed hues that help keep the beach near, even as sea themed art reminds you that the beach is “just over there!” The living room is a vibrant space, offering tropical prints on the white painted wicker furniture and a state-of-the-art television that carves out its own perch in a book shelf fully loaded with art, games, books, and movies, with the latter of which being intended for use by our guests.

An open concept floor plans lets visitors stay connected as they do their own thing leads visitors to the next room on the tour, the dining room that is situated directly behind the living area. Anchored by a farmhouse-style table surrounded by red chairs and a charming bench, this is where games will be played, meals will be devoured, and important conversations will be held. The kitchen of Sweet Carolina is a modern room, filled with painted white cabinets topped with granite countertops, and offering a large breakfast bar that is the perfect spot to enjoy donuts in the mornings, a glass of wine in the evenings, or leftovers by the light over the microwave.

The garage areas that are downstairs from the main living space offer more places to play. A ping pong table, a billiard table, and even a poker table make this space entertainment central, as does the large television mounted to the wall. The backyard of this charming beach cottage offers another cool surprise in the form of a crystal clear pool, surrounded by wood decking and wicker lounges that are sure to make the white-fenced backyard one of the most popular spaces in the home! An outdoor shower can also be found out here, ensuring that the sand from your day at the beach stays in the great outdoors where it belongs.

Sweet Dreams

Each of the 4 bedrooms is designed to give occupants the best night’s sleep of their lives. Offering premium beds topped with the silkiest of linens, the paint on the walls continues the ice cream theme on the exterior and televisions that help make the transition from wide awake to sound asleep an easy and fun one. Shut the doors to the chaos of real life and let the serenity of the day sneak into the dreams you enjoy in these rooms and wake up every morning feeling rested and ready for a new day of Holden Beach adventures!

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The beauty of spring is clearly upstaged by the beauty of the smile on your Mom’s face when she receives the best Mother’s Day gift of all, a trip to Holden Beach in our favorite state of North Carolina! Offering peace, tranquility, and the most stunning sunsets in the world, there are many different options as to how best she will enjoy this most deserving gift and we at PROACTIVE Vacations want to take a few minutes out of your very busy day to discuss what Holden Beach vacation will work best for the first woman you ever loved or, as is often the case, for the special mom in your life, perhaps the mother of your children! This guide to a restful and exciting getaway to Holden Beach and a stay in our PROACTIVE Vacations holiday hideaways is destined to earn you the prize of best gift giver ever!

Our Moms, Our Heroes

Our moms have shown us the beauty of unconditional love, support, and protection from the first moments spent outside the womb and they deserve something really special on the day dedicated to all moms everywhere. Holden Beach, a barrier island off the coast of North Carolina, may not be the only place worthy of a Mother’s Day vacation, but we can promise it will bring out the shining excitement in your mom’s eyes! It may have been a while since Mom was actively parenting you and your siblings and vacation with everyone, the original nuclear family plus spouses and the grandchildren that complete her world will bring her back to those wonderful days of your childhood when all her ducklings were housed under the same roof.

Choose a beachfront home with enough bedrooms for the adults to have their own space, letting the cousins bunk together and build a bond that will last a lifetime, a sight that will bring tears of joy to Mom. Mornings can start with solo walks along sandy shores as the rest of the family slowly awakens and evenings enjoyed from the deck of the home, watching the sunset over the sea with a glass of wine in hand will bring moments of peace and serenity. Inside, mom can choose a seat at the breakfast bar, imparting tips on how to make your favorite meals to her standards in our cheerful kitchens, she can choose the shows she wants to watch on the state-of-the-art televisions in the living rooms, and she can end every day in peace and quiet in her own bedroom retreat. Playing games with the whole family at the dining room table is a popular rainy day activity and on days when the sun is shining brightly, mom can help the grands build sandcastles at the water’s edge; many properties offer outdoor showers to ensure that sand stays outdoors where it belongs!

The Mom in Your Life

Moms who are in the active parenting stage of their life may want an entirely different type of Holden Beach vacation, maybe even an intimate getaway with you, their co-parent in life! Our PROACTIVE Vacations’ smaller cottages will provide the idyllic vacation she deserves and an opportunity to relax, recharge and revel in beachy adventures. Enjoy an ice cream cone from The Scoop, 3425 Holden Beach Road on a warm spring afternoon or grab a quart of her favorite flavor from the Holden Beach General Store and let her savor it on the deck of your holiday haven, watching the activities going on at the beach below.

Living rooms with comfy sofas provide the perfect place for a mid-afternoon nap (no one deserves a nap more!) and the dining tables will give mom a beautiful and restful spot to enjoy a cup of coffee as she scrolls through her favorite social media sites every morning of her stay! High-speed internet ensures that Skype calls with the kids are crystal clear (this may have been the longest time she has spent away from your sweet children!) and also provide easy streaming of your favorite music; choose a channel that plays slow music and dance together at sunset, letting the serenity of the sea and the beauty of the moment create a memory she will never forget! At night, quiet bedrooms are havens of tranquility, some offering ensuite baths that invite moms to sink into their depths and relax even further. Televisions in the bedrooms of many offer a way to ease the transition from wide awake to happily asleep, generously sized windows provide views of the sea, and curtains or blinds that can be drawn shut to keep the sun out on mornings mom wants to sleep in!

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Give Mom a Mother’s Day she will never forget with a beach vacation to Holden Beach!

When you want your Holden Beach vacation to be absolutely perfect, smart travelers know that the best vacations begin and end with the sanctuary they choose to shelter them. Not satisfied with a beach vacation near the beach, you want a beach vacation ON the beach, offering the laid-back waterfront lifestyle and the serenity of the sea to fill your every moment. Our Pop’s Inn property at PROACTIVE Vacations will meet and exceed your every desire! Offering four tranquil bedrooms, two spacious baths, and room for up to eight travelers to live together in peace and harmony, this charming seaside cottage will brighten your vacation days and embrace you during your vacation nights! Today, we are shining the spotlight on Pop’s Inn, building up your anticipation of a beach vacation you will never forget.

Filled with Light and Warmth

This cottage is warm and welcoming, and when you step into its light-filled spaces for the first time, you will fill instantly at home. Built on stilts, the clapboard-sided structure stands high, providing excellent views of the sea in its backyard, and as you dash up the steps, knowing your vacation is about to begin for real, the sounds of waves crashing against the sandy shores will provide a serene background to the start of your most favorite chapter in your personal autobiography!

The living area of Pop's Inn

Follow the paths made of wood to the first stop on our tour of beauty, the living room of Pop’s Inn. Here is where family or friends will lounge on colorful and soft sofas and chairs, all precisely placed so as to enjoy views of the state-of-the-art television mounted to the wall in the corner and the star of this vacation show, the sea that lies just beyond the oversized sliding glass doors that lead out to the balcony. Keep these doors open and let the scents, sights, and sounds of the water be a constant companion to your interior adventures or simply spend as much time as you can on the white-painted rocking chairs that are lined up on along the rails. This outdoor space will be your favorite, and if you do nothing more than sit out here with your favorite tropical beverage in hand, toasting the sun as it sets beautifully day after day, then we think you can consider this vacation a complete success!

But for now we are going to take this tour back inside, visiting all the rooms left unexplored up to this point. Throughout Pop’s Inn, the sea is a constant theme, apparent in the hues of sky, sand, and sea that adorn all the surfaces, in the paintings of whimsical heron hanging on the wall behind the cobalt blue sofa, and in the materials used for pillows, blankets, and more. The dining room in the open concept floor plan features a long wood table surrounded by cushioned wicker chairs and enjoys the same views as the living room, making it the perfect place to play games, build puzzles, and daydream over a cup of coffee and a snack. (You can eat here too, of course!) The kitchen is a spacious room gleaming white and featuring granite countertops, painted white cabinets, subway tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances that might just encourage you to prepare a meal every once in a while! Also offering a full-sized laundry set, this kitchen is a multipurpose space that the family will love to hang out in, and with five wood stools bellying up to the breakfast bar, it’s the ideal spot for morning bowls of cereal.

The bedrooms of Pop’s Inn each offer something special that makes them stand out, ensuring that no guest feels slighted. There are flatscreen televisions in every room except one, but the one without the television is an oceanfront space with two twin beds and incredible views. The bedroom with a king bed offers street views and shared access to one of the baths, (as do all the bedrooms) but often, instead of choosing this as a master suite, tired parents seeking peace will enjoy the comforts of the queen bed in the oceanfront bedroom, where multiple sets of windows can be opened to let in the light and the sights and sounds of the ocean. The last bedroom is another twin room, also offering two twin beds, a colorful mural of an octopus in snorkeling gear, and its own television. All bedrooms are comfortable, serene, and spacious, ensuring that every night’s sleep will be deep and filled with happy dreams.

Reserve Pop’s Inn Today

The perfect North Carolina beach vacation deserves this idyllic vacation beach house. Reserve Pop’s Inn today and discover a world in which peace, relaxation, and comfort are the norm and chaos and stress are kicked to the curb!

When travelers find themselves in need of a refreshing and fun getaway, there’s no place better to set your sights than scenic Holden Beach, North Carolina. Year-round, this exciting locale offers up a welcoming reprieve from the demands of daily routines and provides visitors with reasons to enjoy the fun and views instead. Anytime travelers can enjoy Holden Beach they’re in for a treat but those heading here over Easter have even more to look forward to. In April, Holden Beach offers up a variety of options for expanding an itinerary whether you’re looking to make the most of egg hunting fun, or you’re up for some on-the-water adventure. Either way, you’ll find what you’re looking for here and the following Holden Beach activities are just a few of the many reasons you won’t want to miss out on Easter 2023 in Holden Beach.

The Night Egg Hunt Is on Once Again!

Holden Beach has a reputation for amazing scenery and a laid-back vibe that’s endlessly appealing. It also hosts one of the most unique Easter experiences around! Year after year, locals and visitors look forward to the annual nighttime Easter Egg Hunt in Holden Beach and 2023 is no exception to the rule. This year, the illuminating hunt will happen on April 7th starting at 7:00 pm. Guests are invited to participate in teams of four with egg hunters of all ages welcome to put their skills to the test under the stars. You’ll want to be sure to have a flashlight in hand alongside an egg basket to make the most of this unique fun. Glow in the dark eggs will be placed all around Bridgeview Park and the first 100 teams to register can enjoy the adventure. Be sure to sign up early as this is an event that fills up fast.

Get Out on the Water and Explore

Typically mild April temperatures across Holden Beach may not lend themselves to time sunbathing or getting in the water for a swim, but that doesn’t eliminate options for enjoying time on the waves! If you’re the type of Easter traveler that finds their getaway state of mind most easily when you’re sailing, partnering up with Backwater Adventures & Rentals while you’re in town is a must. This premier rental equipment company is headquartered in Supply and serves the entirety of Holden Beach with quality on-the-water gear and fishing and sightseeing experiences too. Guests can explore nature from a watery vantage point alongside a knowledgeable and friendly guide with Backwater Adventures & Rentals. It’s just as easy to rent gear for independent fun and exploration on the backwaters. This company specializes in renting out pedal and motorized kayaks that move easily through current heavy backwaters. They offer up the accessories needed to make the most of sightseeing along the Intracoastal Waterway as well as the surrounding estuaries.

Enjoy Time at Islands Art and Books

When you’re looking to slow down, browse, and be endlessly inspired this Easter in Holden Beach, heading to Islands Art & Books is bound to be a great option. Located at 6885 Beach Drive SW in nearby Ocean Isle Beach, this stop is truly an artistic haven. Here, visitors will find an extensive collection of books, jewelry, and art by local artists. Some of the more unique products available for purchase here include historic area maps and sea charts of the Holden Beach region. There’s also sea glass jewelry available to browse and purchase while books for children and adults alike abound on the shelves. From one-of-a-kind gifts to home décor, Islands Art and Books is a great place to find yourself something unique to remember your stay by, or to pick up something for a loved one back home upon return. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to support local artisans.

Make Time for a Stop at the Museum of Coastal Carolina

If you’re traveling to Holden Beach with little ones in tow this year, spending an afternoon at the Museum of Coastal Carolina is always a great place to pair education and entertainment. Located at 21 E. 2nd Street in Ocean Isle Beach, the Museum of Coastal Carolina hosts a stunning collection of displays and exhibits highlighting the importance of marine life and ecosystems in the area. Guests can enjoy trying a touch tank, exploring fossils, and learning more about local birds, sharks, reefs, sea turtles and more while they’re here.

Book Your Stay in Holden Beach Today

When Easter travel plans have you heading to Holden Beach, the team at PROACTIVE Vacations is ready and waiting to make sure you have the luxurious accommodations in place you deserve too. Reach out today to learn more about our vast selection of options and how we can help you take your holiday getaway to the next level of excellence and fun!

Holden Beach, North Carolina has a way with lush scenery and access to outdoor fun that’s hard to top. Visitors looking to make even more of their getaway will find booking Wright Relaxin’ Holden Beach vacation home is a good place to start! This 5-bedroom, 4.5-bath retreat can easily accommodate up to 10 guests at a time. It’s a wonderful home away from home option for those traveling to Holden Beach with family or friends and provides amazing marsh and ocean views throughout that promise to inspire. Situated on the west end of Holden Beach, Wright Relaxin’ is found at 690-B Ocean Boulevard West. It’s an inviting second-row property with an elevator included that provides guests with amazing amenities and walkable access to the beach.

Interior Amenities to Enjoy

As soon as guests step into Wright Relaxin’ they’ll find themselves surrounded by natural light, coastal-inspired style, and plenty of space for everyone to relax comfortably. The spacious layout of Wright Relaxin’ is designed around an inverted floor plan where the living room, kitchen, dining area, and master suite are all situated on the upper level of the property. Fresh color palettes are used throughout Wright Relaxin’ with splashes of color included through wall décor, throw pillows, and area rugs too.

The living room in Wright Relaxin’ features an extended, light green sofa paired with two rattan armchairs topped with cushions of the same hue. The glass-topped coffee table in the center of the room also speaks to a coastal style with a rattan base and a modern gray and white area rug below. Vaulted ceilings in the living room further enhance the overall sense of living space available while the walls are adorned with teal and orange ceramic fish. Guests looking for more in the way of comfortable spaces to settle into will find it in the second, smaller living area around the corner. This room hosts a red, floral sofa, plush sage ottoman, and a large flat-screen television too.

When it’s time to enjoy a meal in good company, guests who book a stay in Wright Relaxin’ will find the kitchen is an easy place to serve up breakfast, lunch, or dinner selections. This culinary space features a full collection of modern appliances, sleek granite countertops, and custom white cabinetry throughout. The large center island works as added meal preparation space and hosts four barstools for added seating too. When dinner time rolls around, guests can also gather around the dining room table that sits between the living room and kitchen on this level.

Getting a good night’s sleep is easy when you’ve made Wright Relaxin’ your home away from home. The promise is in the name! Four of the five bedrooms in this property are situated on the lower level. Two provide guests with a king bedroom set to enjoy while one features a queen bedroom set and the other hosts a twin bed. The largest master suite is on the upper level and enjoys marsh views, a private bath as well as a full shower and tub combo paired with a double vanity.

Exterior Features for Guests

Travelers that are heading to Holden Beach in pursuit of stunning scenery and access to inspiring moments won’t have to go far to find them when they’ve booked Wright Relaxin’ for the duration of their stay. This welcoming property hosts a covered front deck where guests can start each day savoring a hot cup of coffee from a rocking chair and enjoying views and sounds of the waves rolling in. There are also two-level decks built into Wright Relaxin’ that offer guests a great place to take in views of the marsh all day long and enjoy an outdoor dining experience when a fresh air meal is what would really hit the spot! From these furnished decks, guests also have a good chance of spotting local wildlife and can enjoy spotting boats as they sail by as well.

The ground level of Wright Relaxin’ is designed to include an enclosed outdoor shower complete with a convenient dressing area. The outdoor shower boasts hot and cold water alike, making it the perfect complement to a day of fun on the sand and under the sun in Holden Beach. After guests rinse off, they can make the most of a BBQ dinner outdoors thanks to the inclusion of a charcoal grill at Wright Relaxin’ too. No matter when you arrive in the name of vacation or how long you have to stay, booking this property is a sure way to elevate your experience even further.

Book Your Getaway Today

There’s never been a better time to pack your bags and head to Holden Beach, North Carolina in the name of well-deserved fun. When you’re ready to turn plans into a reality, Proactive Vacations is here to help. Reach out today to learn more about booking a stay in Wright Relaxin’ the next time you’re here. We can’t wait to see you in scenic North Carolina soon!

Spring is a spectacular time of year to pack your bags and head to Holden Beach, North Carolina in the name of fun. Whether you’re a traveler who loves live music, can’t wait to make the most of festivals, or is excited to do something entirely different, there is a lineup of Holden Beach activities and events on the calendar that promises to please!

Enjoy the 2023 Southport Spring Festival

If your Holden Beach getaway this spring has you visiting over April 7th and April 8th, you’ll find you’re just in time to enjoy the annual Southport Spring Festival. Hosted in Franklin Square Park, this fun event has been an area fan-favorite for more than 27 years with no signs of slowing down in 2023. A seasonal celebration is a family-friendly event and there’s no cost to attend or make the most of the fun that awaits. On Friday, April 7, 2023, spring festival activities will be held between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm while Saturday events will run from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. A visit to the spring festival is a chance for guests to enjoy everything from live musical entertainment and craft areas to a fantastic array of food vendors on-site and children’s activity zones too. There are also plenty of spring plants for sale for those looking to spruce up their accommodations with greenery and florals alike. The Southport Spring Festival is once again sponsored by Downtown Southport, Inc. as well as the Southport-Oak Island Kiwanis Club alongside the City of Southport.

Check out the Live Music at Sunset Beach Fishing Pier

On Thursday, May 25, 2023, between 6:00 and 8:00 pm, Holden Beach springtime adventurers with a love for all things live music will want to be sure to make their way to the Sunset Beach Fishing Pier. Situated at 101 W. Main Street, the pier will host a Live Music with Sea and Sand Band performance this evening much to the delight of guests! Bring a chair and settle in under the open spring sky to enjoy stylings by this local 10-musician group. Hailing from Sunset Beach, the Sea and Sand Band is known for delighting audiences across North Carolina. Help them kick things off this spring by dropping by!

Participate in the annual Nighttime Easter Egg Hunt

An undeniably unique and highly anticipated annual springtime event in Holden Beach is the nighttime Easter egg hunt. In 2023, the hunt will be on after the sun goes down on April 7th. The search kicks off at 7:00 pm and teams of four will compete with flashlights in hand! Registration for this fun and competitive event is required before heading over to Bridgeview Park to put your egg-hunting skills to the test.

Make the Most of Your Time Enjoyed at the Oak Island Spring Fling Market & Music Experience

Travelers taking time out of busy schedules to enjoy a spring vacation to Holden Beach in March will want to be sure to add a stop at the Oak Island Spring Fling Market & Music event to their calendar. Hosted on March 25, 2023, this event will be held at Middleton Park at SE 46th Street from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. There’s no cost to attend and the lineup of activities is sure to thrill! The Spring Fling is a fun way to kick off the season and plays host to a variety of local Brunswick County food and craft vendors for guests to browse. Live music is always a part of the Spring Fling experience with performances held on the Middleton Amphitheater stage. If you’re heading this way with little ones, be sure to check out the kid’s zone as well.

Spend Time Savoring Days at the Dock 2023

Another fan-favorite event that can be enjoyed in Holden Beach in the spring is Days at the Dock. This year, the two days of fun will happen on Saturday, April 29, 2023, and Sunday, April 30th. Admission to Days at the Dock is free and there’s also free parking for guests making a visit that much more convenient. Festivities on both days of the event include a variety of arts and crafts vendors as well as a large children’s area for those heading here with little ones in tow.  There are also great options when it comes to on-site food vendors and snacks to ensure everyone can curb cravings that arise. On Saturday, the event lineup includes a display of cardboard box race entries before the actual paddle race. There are also hermit crab races on the agenda and a street dance to end things off in style! On Sunday, festival guests can enjoy a family fun run and a raffle too. From line dancing to live music, Days at the Dock is a must-experience event this spring.

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The option to enjoy leisurely time outdoors, soaking up the sun and enjoying the scenery at their very own pace is often what draws visitors to beautiful Holden Beach, North Carolina. Whether the itinerary hosts surfing, fishing, sunning, or shelling, a trip this way is one that’s designed to inspire the senses. Of course, having access to amazing accommodations makes it that much more meaningful too. That’s where booking a stay in White Eagle 849 OBW through Proactive Vacations comes in. This property is located at 849 Ocean Boulevard West and hosts 6 bedrooms and 4 baths across a floor plan fit for 12 guests at a time. When it’s a relaxing coastal stay you’re looking for, complete with oceanfront views and amazing amenities at every turn, this is the property for you. Those who book a stay will enjoy time in a home located on the West End of the island with easy beach access at all times.

Interior Amenities to Enjoy During a Stay

Stepping inside this charming two-level retreat, guests will find White Eagle 849 OBW hosts plenty of space, natural light flow, and coastal-inspired style too. Those who are looking for impeccable levels of privacy will love this property’s layout. The home also keeps guests close to outdoor fun, the sand, and surf alike every day of their stay. Where vaulted ceilings throughout White Eagle 849 OBW offer up an enhanced sense of living space for guests upon arrival, the inclusion of large floor-to-ceiling windows keeps a firm focus on a great view day and night.

White Eagle 849 OBW enjoys no less than two living spaces, two kitchens, and two private entrances across its floor plan. The living room on the upper level of the property features a white extended sectional sofa topped with blue-hued throw pillows. A plush matching ottoman doubles as a storage space in the living room while the large flat-screen television on the far wall enhances the entertainment value of a stay for guests. The blue and white area rug beautifully offsets the sleek hardwood flooring below while the sailboat wall décor above the floor-to-ceiling windows enhances the coastal vibe inside. The kitchen on this level of the property is found just off the living space and enjoys an extended breakfast bar with bench seating included. The kitchen also hosts a collection of sleek wood cabinetry filled with cooking essentials and a varied mix of stainless-steel and modern appliances to make serving up breakfast, lunch, or dinner options a breeze.

The second living room in the cottage is found on the lower level and continues the coastal-inspired aesthetic through the use of a blue, green, and teal color palette. This living space enjoys a white rattan sofa, loveseat, and armchair set, each topped with cozy teal cushions and decorative shell-themed pillows. Glass-topped coffee tables sit in the middle of these furnishings while wildlife-inspired wall art is hung on light blue wall paneling. Just next to the second living space, guests will find the second kitchen which hosts an additional breakfast bar with bench seating, custom white cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances as well. Windows on the lower-level offer up inspiring dune views and easy access to the outdoors.

When it’s time to rest up, every bedroom option in this home is a great place to get a good night’s sleep. Visitors will find four of the bedrooms are located on the upper level while the remaining two are situated on the lower level. Bedrooms in White Eagle 849 OBW all enjoy plush mattresses, high-quality linens, and stylish comforters to match.

Exterior Features for Guests

Fresh air fun and amazing views are never out of reach for those who book a stay in White Eagle 849 OBW. Each level of this home is adorned with a sprawling deck dotted with loungers for making the most of the waves, sand, and sun at will. Those excited to make the most of beach time can walk to the shoreline and upon return, rinse off using the property’s outdoor shower. When an al fresco meal is what would really hit the spot, guests who book a stay will enjoy using the home’s gas grill and outdoor dining areas too. Resting among the dunes, this home has just as much to offer in the way of outdoor activities as it does indoor comforts.

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