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PROACTIVE Vacations Frequent Questions

On this page we have provided a list of frequently asked questions. Anywhere from checking in, making reservations, emergencies, and more we cover what our guests need to know. Much of this information will also be found within our Happy Stays guestbook app or online HERE. If you have a question not found within the PROACTIVE Vacations Frequent Questions, please call our office at 910-842-1550 or email us through out contact page HERE.

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General Property Information

  • How do I access the wi-fi?

    Wi-Fi information is accessible via the Happy Stays Guest Book app. You should receive access to the Happy Stays app when you make your reservation, and there should be a QR code in each property. If you are unable to access Happy Stays or if it appears in information provided is incorrect, please call our office at 910-842-1550.

  • Can I bring a pet?

    We offer a selection of properties that are pet friendly. Only these properties will allow pets with an additional pet fee applied to your total rental fees. To learn more about our pet friendly designations, access our pet friendly resources HERE.

Checking In

  • Do I need to check in at your office location?

    No, you will not need to check in at our office location. Each of our rental properties are equipped with either an electronic access code or a lock box. You will receive access instructions within your check in email, and within the Happy Stays app. If for any reason you can not open your rental property, please call our office at 910-842-1550.

  • What time can I check in?

    All check in times, unless otherwise noted, will be at 4 PM on the first night of your rental. If you would like an early check in, an early check in fee will be required as well as advanced notice to request early check in. Please call our office at 910-842-1550 to request early check in. Please note, not all properties can accommodate early check in times.

Checking Out

  • Do I need to check out at your office location?

    No, you will not need to check out at our office location. Each of our rental properties are equipped with either an electronic access code or a lock box. If you have an electronic access code simply close and lock the property when you leave. If you have a lock box please lock the property and return the key to the lock box. Please check-out via the Happy Stays app when you leave the property.

  • What time is check out?

    All check out times are promptly at 10 AM on the last day of your rental. Please follow all check out instructions found within Happy Stays and your check-out email prior to departing the property.

Making Reservations

  • How can I book a rental property?

    All rentals can be made directly through our website, over the phone at 910-842-1550, or through VRBO.

  • Can I book the same property for the following year?

    Guests have the option to reserve their current vacation home, for the same calendar week of the following year, by placing a non-refundable reservation hold. Current guests have until 5pm of the Wednesday during their stay to capitalize on this option. All reservation holds are tentative and subject to price increases, change of amenities and availability.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Checks. If you are having trouble with payment please call our office at 910-842-1550.

Property Condition / Cleanliness

  • What if a property is not clean when I check in?

    Upon your arrival, we ask that you please look around your home to see that everything is in order and the level of cleanliness meets your satisfaction. It is our goal to provide you with the best stay possible, starting within your home. We ask that if the home is not in good order, please call our Housekeeping Department. If you have no notified us within 24 hours of your arrival, then we assume that you have found your home to be suitable for your stay.

  • What if I find damage from a previous guest?

    Please look around your home upon arrival and report any existing damage to us within 24 hours. This will allow us to document that the damages occurred prior to your arrival. You may do this by either emailing us through the link provided on your check-in instructions, or you may call our Maintenance Department to report items directly.

Maintenance / Emergencies

  • What if I find an issue with an appliance/equipment within the property?

    Please promptly report any and all equipment concerns such as elevators, appliances, pool equipment, etc. to our Maintenance Department. We will make every effort to have repairs made as soon as possible. Please Note: If you are calling outside of our normal operating hours, our phones and voicemails are being monitored to respond to emergency issues only. For more information on emergency issues please see the “Emergencies” section of this page. Non-Emergency issues or concerns will be handled during normal business hours. If you feel that a breaker has tripped, please check the breaker box. Most breaker boxes can be found on the 1st floor, behind a door, in a conditioned area. We ask that you check the breaker panel first before calling our maintenance department on any electrical issues.

  • What if there is a clogged toilet/sink within the property?

    All properties come equipped with a plunger. If this does not solve your problem, please call our Maintenance Department at 910-842-1550, Option 2.

  • What if I have a medical/fire emergency?

    Please call 911 immediately in the event of a fire or medial emergency.

  • Who do I call for after-hours emergencies?

    **VERY IMPORTANT** Our office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm, Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm and closed on Sunday. Our after-hours emergency service is in place until 10:00pm and is only for dire emergencies that may threaten your life or the property. Emergency Issues Include: Water Leaks, Electrical Outages, Property Lockouts, Air Conditioning (during summer months), or any type of safety issue. We will respond quickly to these types of issues, so please leave clear and detailed messages when leaving a voicemail. Non-Emergency issues or concerns will be handled during normal business hours. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and consideration with our after-hours service. Our Maintenance/After-Hours number is (910) 842-1550, Option 2.

  • What if I lock myself out of my rental property?

    We ask that you please always keep both sets of keys with you. In the event a guest is locked out of the home during the rental period, guest may borrow a key from the Agent’s office during normal business hours at no charge provided the guest returns the key to the Agent’s office during normal business hours the same day. After business hours, the guest must contact the Agent’s office at (910) 842-1550, Option 2. Agent’s employee will meet the guest at the office. If we need to deliver the key to the guest there will be a $45 fee. If a key is lost and needs to be replaced, there is an additional $25 fee.

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