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History of Holden Beach

When travelers today head to Holden Beach, they often do so in the name of refreshing fun, relaxation, and adventures. That said, for all of the modern appeal Holden Beach hosts, it’s also a destination built on a foundation of the rich history of Holden Beach. What began as an agricultural and fishing area has since turned into a vacation hot spot that’s one of a kind!

Early Development

Before the American Revolution, settlers headed to the modern Holden Beach area to purchase land near Lockwood’s Folly River. Land was sold for fifty shillings per 100 acres at the time and grants were authorized by the Royal Governor, Arthur Dobbs. It was in 1756 that a man by the name of Benjamin Holden purchased four tracts of land and an ocean-adjacent island that extended from Lockwood’s Folly Inlet to Bacon Inlet. The land was rich and fertile and ideal for cattle grazing. Similarly, the waters around the island proved wonderfully lucrative for successful fishing ventures.

John Holden, the grandson of Benjamin Holden, went on to start a commercial fishery on the island in 1924. He subsequently named another nearby area Holden Beach Resort. 1925 marked the year John would go on to build the first Holden Beach Bridge and plans were put in place for a ferry to run to the island which would come to fruition in 1934. John’s son Luther took over upon his father’s passing and began developing property across the area and operating a hotel. He then began building homes that were rented out to vacationers and available for purchase alike.

20th Century Changes

The island and the town of Holden Beach were officially incorporated on February 14, 1969. By this time, there was a new high-rise steel and concrete bridge in place to accommodate more than 1,900 island homes. Holden Beach only continued to grow and prosper from this point on! Today, visitors come to enjoy the shorelines, try the many restaurants, traverse the 65-foot-high bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway, and make the most of amazing views everywhere they roam.

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