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Top Reasons to Visit Holden Beach

When you find yourself overdue for a well-earned vacation, Holden Beach, North Carolina has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re an adventurer who loves to get into nature, you prefer to relax and unwind, or you’re excited to shop and dine your way through a stay, check out the top reasons to visit Holden Beach and why Holden Beach is a destination where you can embrace interests of all types!

It’s a Family-Friendly Destination That Appeals to All Ages

Spending time with family is something for travelers to look forward to and those setting their sights on Holden Beach will find they can enjoy time in a place that’s designed to appeal to travelers of all ages and interest levels. Here, time on the shoreline building sandcastles is as accessible as time out on the water enjoying a family boat trip. Snorkeling, swimming, and surf lessons are always an option here while there are just as many parks to check out when a picnic is in order. Guests will also find that renting bikes and heading out for an afternoon of family biking is a great way to elevate the experience and explore at your own, personalized pace. If you choose this option, heading to Lockwood Folly Inlet is always a great place to begin!

It’s a Place to Connect with Nature

A trip to Holden Beach is an opportunity to get into nature and explore the best of beautiful views and wildlife alike. Many visitors take time to enjoy sightseeing on a paddleboard or by kayak to increase their chances of setting their sights on everything from dolphins to incredible fish as they traverse the Intracoastal Waterways. A sunset cruise with a focus on wildlife watching is another great itinerary addition when you’re looking to connect with nature further during your stay.

Delicious Moments Await

No matter what season you find yourself enjoying time away in Holden Beach, you’ll be well within reach of incredible dining opportunities too. The area is packed with amazing waterfront eateries that feature the best of fresh-caught fare. Head this way in October and you’ll be right on time to make the most of the North Carolina Festival by the Sea which puts a special emphasis on savory moments.

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