Hurricane Preparedness - PROACTIVE Vacations


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We understand how important it is to protect your investment, that’s why PROACTIVE Vacations is ready to jump into action in the event of a hurricane. Information is key when a storm is approaching landfall, our responsibility is to keep our homeowners and guest informed. Below is a breakdown of how each department prepares your property and what a PROACTIVE homeowner can expect before, during and after a storm.


Maintenance and Housekeeping departments will prepare all properties for severe weather threat (please see below for details).

Reservations will contact all current guest and upcoming check-ins of any evacuation notices.

PROACTIVE Home Services will begin boarding windows for the homeowners who have signed up for this service.

Management will remain in contact with property owners via email and through the Streamline Owner Portal relaying local weather announcements.


It is important that our team stays safe. The Town of Holden Beach will close the bridge if winds exceed 40 mph, during this time our reservations team will continue to answer guest questions until unable to do so (Power outages).


Once the Town of Holden Beach allows re-entry to the island damage assessment will be completed for each property. Please keep in mind that access for re-entry to the island is controlled by the Town of Holden Beach.

Maintenance and Housekeeping will document all damage with photo evidence.

Reservations will contact all upcoming guest and inform them if the home is habitable or inhabitable. If the property is inhabitable and the guest purchased trip insurance, reservations will advise the guest to file a claim.

Management will contact all homeowners with an overall area update. Individual contact will be made to inform owners of any damage that may have been caused due to the storm and any critical steps for repairs.

Expect the following time frame for post storm communications: A PROACTIVE Vacations team member will contact homeowners with a brief update pertaining to their property a few days after being allowed on the island. A full report will be given approximately one to two week after re-entry to the island is allowed.  We ask that you allow PROACTIVE Vacations to contact you, this allows us to focus on inspecting your property without interruptions.



Maintenance Department

Each PROACTIVE Vacation rental that signed up for storm prep services will receive the following storm preparation.

Storm Prep services are $85.00+tax per visit, If you would like you take advantage of these services please contact The PROACTIVE Vacations Maintenance Department. This charge will be for the pre-storm procedure and again for the post-storm reversal.

PROACTIVE Home Services offer additional services such as;

If you haven’t signed up for these services and would like to, please contact PROACTIVE Vacations Maintenance Department directly at 910-500-1400 ext. 107.



Before and during the approach of such an event, PROACTIVE Vacations keeps our current and incoming guests informed of town notices such as voluntary and mandatory evacuations. This is sent to our guest through email, phone call, and on our guest portal.

As you all know, last year we did experience a storm.  In the aftermath, it was a challenge for us and for you to keep our guests happy and satisfied – losing a vacation can be very devastating.  We have a 100% participation policy this year where every guest was offered the opportunity to purchase or decline trip insurance. If a guest declines the purchase of trip insurance, it has been reiterated that refunds will not be issued nor will alternative dates be given due to inclement weather or mandatory evacuations.  This new policy has encouraged our guest to purchase trip insurance and many have done so!

If you have any additional questions in regard to what our reservation team does in the event of a severe weather event, please feel free to contact our office for more details!



It is with great importance that we remind everyone that being prepared is key during a severe weather threat. Mother nature adheres to her own rule. 2018 Hurricane Florence is a prime example of this. Due to the hurricane’s quick approach the Town of Holden Beach was required to restrict access to the island 48 hours sooner than originally predicted. Once a confirmed landfall is scheduled we need to act quickly. If you decide to wait when making your hurricane preparations it may be too late.