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Oak Island Healthcare

Whether you find yourself in an emergency situation or require a refill for your regularly used medication, Oak Island and the surrounding area offers accessible medical resources. From your usual pharmacy to a hospital, PROACTIVE ensures your family is prepared for any scenario with the provided list. While we provide these valuable resources, remember that if you ever require immediate attention, dial 911 for assistance.

Medical & Healthcare Solutions

Embarking on a beach trip may lead to minor inconveniences like sunburn, dehydration, and minor cuts and scrapes. To ensure your beach vacation remains enjoyable, we’ve compiled a list of top resources, including pharmacies, emergency services, and urgent care. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of these options for assistance with minor medical issues. In case of major medical emergencies, dial 911 for immediate response.

Dosher Memorial Hostpital

924 North Howe Street; Southport, North Carolina 28461

Novant Health Family Medicine

2950 Pine Plantation Pkwy, Oak Island, NC 28461

Med First Primary & Urgent

5130 Southport Supply Road; Southport NC 28461

Carolina QuickCare

5010 Southport Crossing Way; Southport, NC 28461

Thomas Drugs

7917 East Oak Island Dr.; Oak Island, NC 28467


5006 Southport Crossing Wy, Southport, NC 28461


5098 Southport-Supply Rd SE, Southport, NC 28461
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