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Rental Rate Approval for 2024

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Rental Rate Approval for 2024

For the above referenced property I authorize the rate changes as checked below to be effective thru April 26, 2025 or until otherwise modified with my consent. Please check the appropriate boxes below.

To assist PROACTIVE Vacations in responding to market changes in supply and demand, filling of vacancies within 30 days of a vacancy, bookings of multiple nights, to offer promotions as needed, I authorize PROACTIVE Vacations to use it’s discretion to adjust prices/rates up or down, to offer discounts, or to make other offers of consideration that equate to a maximum of:

Note: PROACTIVE Vacations will at all times market, advertise, and create bookings for your property at the highest rates possible. More revenue for you as an owner increases our revenue as well. However vacancies create zero revenue. PROACTIVE Vacations can only make timely response to prospective guests and changing markets when it has the tools in hand to respond. Therefore, our recommendation for the above is to authorize Proactive Vacations to make price/rate adjustments by increases up to 20% and decreases up to 40%.