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Cleaning Guidelines

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Before Entering the Property:

  • If trash is not rolled out to street, please put cans 3ft from road (Even if the trash was picked up it comes back on Tuesday)
  • Check around & under the property and decks for trash & debris.
  • Check the pool and hot tub (if this applies) and report any cleaning issues through the Property Care X app on the Work Order tab. Check pool furniture for damage and report any through the Property Care X App on the Work Order tab.  
  • Make sure all outside lights work (If not, report which light in the Property Care X app in the Notes on the property)
  • Check ocean front windows. They should be clean and free of salt and sand.

Once Inside of The Property:

  • After entering the home, please lock the door behind you. This will keep you safe & keep out early guests.
  • Check the dishwasher and start if needed, so it can be emptied before you leave.
  • Check the oven. NOTE: You should not use oven cleaners in self-cleaning ovens (Most self-cleaning ovens are blue or purple inside. If in doubt, call the office. DO NOT USE THE SELF-CLEAN FEATURE. There is not enough time to use this feature.
  • For small spots on carpet try to remove with clean rag & water (report if this doesn’t remove stain)
  • Check all bedding, bedspreads, mattress pads, and pillows; to determine if they need to be laundered or replaced. Submit a work order on your app if any of these items need attention.
  • Throw bathroom rugs in the washer at least twice a month.
  • Dust all air vents/returns, ceiling fans, blinds, windowsills.
  • Dust before sweeping floors.
  • Make sure blinds are all turned the same direction & straight.
  • Clean ocean front windows every week
  • Make sure all lights and TV work properly.


  • Throw away all plastic grocery bags, brochures and any other trash left in the unit. Throw out all old or opened food items from the fridge/freezer unless instructed otherwise. (Sometimes guests may have groceries delivered before they arrive, if so, there should be a tag & notice on bags, DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY OR REMOVE FROM THE PROPERTY.)
  • Clean dining table and chairs and all surfaces
  • Dust all air vents/returns, ceiling fans, blinds, window and windowsills before ANYTHING ELSE.
  • Cabinets – Wipe all fronts of cabinet doors – Magic erasers work great on stains on cabinets. If dishes are in disarray, please straighten.
  • Counters – **Please Be Aware of the Kind of Countertop and Make Sure You Are Using a safe and appropriate cleaning agent on all surfaces.**DO NOT use anything that will damage or scratch the countertop. ** Move all small appliances & clean under them. Make sure appliances are clean; coffee maker, can opener, blender, toaster. (NO CRUMBS) Counters must be neat & completely clean.
  • Sinks – Clean & disinfect drains & strainer; use bleach to clean the garbage disposal area. Please wash the window and dust the blinds and windowsill if needed over the kitchen sink. Check under the sink for trash & soiled sponges – throw out plastic bags & unwrapped old sponges. Wipe out the sink to eliminate all water spots. Check for leaks. (Put a Work Order in for any leaks in the Property Care X App).
  • Dishwasher – Start as soon as you walk in. If it hasn’t been run yet; please add dishwasher safe detergent and turn it on. Empty before you leave! Wipe down the front and inside lip. Make sure there is no food left behind inside.
  • Stove & Oven – Clean inside and out. The outside of the oven door as well as the warming tray under the oven door; clean inside the oven door and inside bottom. Pull out all stove drawers and clean out food and crumbs. NOTE: You should not use oven cleaners in self-cleaning ovens (Most self-cleaning ovens are blue or purple inside. If in doubt, call the office.) You may need to heat up the oven a bit to clean if cleaner can be used. DO NOT USE SELF-CLEAN FEATURE. There is not enough time to use this feature. Clean stove top and knobs, there should be no burnt on food left on the flat tops. If it is a coil stove top make sure to pull them out and clean under them, there should be NO food left behind. Liquid Bar Keepers Friend and Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner and Polish work excellent for glass top stoves.
  • If the stove has a hood, clean this area, and backsplash behind the stove.
  • Refrigerator – Clean inside and out. Check bottom grate for dust buildup. Pull out all refrigerator bins & shelves and clean underneath.
  • Microwave – Clean inside & don’t forget the inside top. Remove the glass plate & clean. Clean the outside last.
  • Floors – Sweep & then mop floors – ALL hard floors must ALWAYS be mopped thoroughly, NOT just a spot mop. Pay special attention to corners and baseboards. Floors like laminates & tile need cleaning with a mild detergent and a damp mop. Excessive water will damage the floors, be sure to wring out the mop well.
  • Trash Cans – Clean cans inside & out, and be sure to put a clean bag in. If the trash can is inside a cabinet, please clean around the can and the cabinet door. If the trash can is in the kitchen next to a cabinet or the fridge, please clean that area also.  There should be no food left behind near the trash cans.


  • Dust all air vents/returns, ceiling fans, blinds, window and windowsills before ANYTHING ELSE.
  • Check under all the couch cushions for sand; vacuum as needed.
  • Check and clean under ALL furniture for trash, dust and lost items.
  • Check and clean all drawers and closets for sand, hair and lost items.
  • Check the closets to make sure blankets, pillows and hangers are neatly placed.
  • Stage home the same way as the pictures are staged on the Property Care X app.
  • Floors Swept/Vacuum and Mop.
  • Make sure all lights and TV work properly.
  • For bedrooms- after checking for hair, sand, pee, blood and any stains on the bedding, mattress pads, and pillows; make sure the beds are made back up neatly and pillows tidy and standing up straight. Also put decorative pillows back neatly also. Report any dirty bedding, mattress pads, and pillows through the Property Care X App with pictures.


  • Before wetting the tub or shower remove sand and hair from tub by vacuum, sweeping out, or with a dry microfiber cloth. DO THIS ONLY IF THE TUB ISN’T WET.
  • Spray down the whole tub/shower and shower curtain with bleach every week to save you from excessive scrubbing. Use an all-purpose cleaner or a bathroom cleaner every week and wipe down with a clean microfiber towel. Make sure there are no water spots or water left behind.
  • If there is a glass door the best most effective way of cleaning it is with a BLEACH product and a non-scratch sponge or magic eraser, then squeegee dry. Clean with glass cleaner after with a clean microfiber towel.
  • Clean and sanitize the whole toilet (seat, bowl, lid, tank) Clean baseboards behind EVERY toilet.
  • Clean sink and countertop surfaces.
  • Check and clean all drawers and under ALL sinks.
  • Make sure there is no mold or mildew on anything, even the ceiling and around the exhaust fans.
  • Wash bathmats at least once every other week.
  • Thoroughly clean the mirrors and other reflective surfaces.
  • IF the shower liner is still not clean AFTER you have sprayed it with bleach, report that with a picture on your app to the office.


  • EMPTY lint trap
  • Make sure there is NO build up on washer of sand or laundry soap.
  • Vacuum out lint trap and the drum of the dryer as needed.
  • Wipe down the tops of the washer and dryer.
  • Straighten up anything that is out of place on the shelving.


Be sure to clean the outside elevator doors and inside floors. Check for trash, confirm the elevator is working (Call it to the floor you are on), and confirm the inside light works.