The beauty of spring is clearly upstaged by the beauty of the smile on your Mom’s face when she receives the best Mother’s Day gift of all, a trip to Holden Beach in our favorite state of North Carolina! Offering peace, tranquility, and the most stunning sunsets in the world, there are many different options as to how best she will enjoy this most deserving gift and we at PROACTIVE Vacations want to take a few minutes out of your very busy day to discuss what Holden Beach vacation will work best for the first woman you ever loved or, as is often the case, for the special mom in your life, perhaps the mother of your children! This guide to a restful and exciting getaway to Holden Beach and a stay in our PROACTIVE Vacations holiday hideaways is destined to earn you the prize of best gift giver ever!

Our Moms, Our Heroes

Our moms have shown us the beauty of unconditional love, support, and protection from the first moments spent outside the womb and they deserve something really special on the day dedicated to all moms everywhere. Holden Beach, a barrier island off the coast of North Carolina, may not be the only place worthy of a Mother’s Day vacation, but we can promise it will bring out the shining excitement in your mom’s eyes! It may have been a while since Mom was actively parenting you and your siblings and vacation with everyone, the original nuclear family plus spouses and the grandchildren that complete her world will bring her back to those wonderful days of your childhood when all her ducklings were housed under the same roof.

Choose a beachfront home with enough bedrooms for the adults to have their own space, letting the cousins bunk together and build a bond that will last a lifetime, a sight that will bring tears of joy to Mom. Mornings can start with solo walks along sandy shores as the rest of the family slowly awakens and evenings enjoyed from the deck of the home, watching the sunset over the sea with a glass of wine in hand will bring moments of peace and serenity. Inside, mom can choose a seat at the breakfast bar, imparting tips on how to make your favorite meals to her standards in our cheerful kitchens, she can choose the shows she wants to watch on the state-of-the-art televisions in the living rooms, and she can end every day in peace and quiet in her own bedroom retreat. Playing games with the whole family at the dining room table is a popular rainy day activity and on days when the sun is shining brightly, mom can help the grands build sandcastles at the water’s edge; many properties offer outdoor showers to ensure that sand stays outdoors where it belongs!

The Mom in Your Life

Moms who are in the active parenting stage of their life may want an entirely different type of Holden Beach vacation, maybe even an intimate getaway with you, their co-parent in life! Our PROACTIVE Vacations’ smaller cottages will provide the idyllic vacation she deserves and an opportunity to relax, recharge and revel in beachy adventures. Enjoy an ice cream cone from The Scoop, 3425 Holden Beach Road on a warm spring afternoon or grab a quart of her favorite flavor from the Holden Beach General Store and let her savor it on the deck of your holiday haven, watching the activities going on at the beach below.

Living rooms with comfy sofas provide the perfect place for a mid-afternoon nap (no one deserves a nap more!) and the dining tables will give mom a beautiful and restful spot to enjoy a cup of coffee as she scrolls through her favorite social media sites every morning of her stay! High-speed internet ensures that Skype calls with the kids are crystal clear (this may have been the longest time she has spent away from your sweet children!) and also provide easy streaming of your favorite music; choose a channel that plays slow music and dance together at sunset, letting the serenity of the sea and the beauty of the moment create a memory she will never forget! At night, quiet bedrooms are havens of tranquility, some offering ensuite baths that invite moms to sink into their depths and relax even further. Televisions in the bedrooms of many offer a way to ease the transition from wide awake to happily asleep, generously sized windows provide views of the sea, and curtains or blinds that can be drawn shut to keep the sun out on mornings mom wants to sleep in!

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Give Mom a Mother’s Day she will never forget with a beach vacation to Holden Beach!

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