Holden Golden Mailboxes

They have no address and you can’t mail a letter from them. But Holden Beach has three mailboxes filled with poetry, memories, funny stories and letters to lost loved ones. These Holden Golden mailboxes are similar to the “Kindred Spirit” mailbox in Sunset Beach and are filled with notebooks and pens where you read the entries left by others and leave your own mark as well.

Half of the fun and making of memories is the trip to these mailboxes. Take an afternoon walk along the beaches to the east end or west end of the island, or pack a lunch and visit the mailbox at Sailfish Park.


East End Golden Holden Mailbox

East End Mailbox

The Holden Golden Mailbox on the east end of Holden Beach is located on the far east end of the island, facing Oak Island. To reach it, drive to the far east end of the island, where the pavement turns to gravel. From the parking area there, it’s roughly a half mile walk around the east end to reach the mailbox.

Keep walking until you round the corner towards the Intracoastal Waterway and you’ll see the box on the left in the dunes. There are pilings in the inlet that are especially visible at low tide – when you see those pilings, look to the left to find the mailbox.


West End Golden Holden Mailbox

West End Mailbox

The most difficult to reach of the Holden Golden Mailboxes is located on the West End of the island. The closest access to the mailbox is located behind the gated neighborhood on the West End. The closest public beach access is just before the gated area at 917 Ocean Boulevard. From that access, it’s approximately two miles to the mailbox.

Walk all the way around the bend where you’ll see Ocean Isle Beach across the Shallotte Inlet. Keep following the shore past the last house on the western point and you’ll see the black mailbox on the edge of the dunes.


Sailfish Park Golden Holden Mailbox

Sailfish Park Mailbox

The third Holden Golden  mailbox is conveniently located on Sailfish Drive and the easiest to access for everyone, without the walk required to reach the other two. It is located at Sailfish Park located along the Intracoastal Waterway. Public parking, access to the Intracoastal Waterway, and picnic tables are available at the park.

Sailfish Park is located at 188 Sailfish Street. Turning right off the bridge, Sailfish Street is approximately 4 miles down Ocean Boulevard on the right. Follow Sailfish Street to the end and the mailbox will be on the left.


If you’d like to make it even easier to reach any of the mailboxes, be sure to check out our vacation rentals here on the island! We hope you’ll visit Holden Beach and the Holden Golden mailboxes soon – we’d love to see you!

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