Holden Beach Rainy Days

Rain, rain, go away; here to stay, but let’s still play? What to do on Holden Beach Rainy Days:

Everyone is excited for summer vacation, bags are all un-packed in the rental home, and everything is ready to hit the beach in the morning. Then, the next day brings cloudy skies and rain! Common thought is that a whole day is ruined. However, there are many rainy day activities in and around Holden Beach. From indoor activities right at the beach house, to a variety of dining options, and also many indoor activities within surrounding locations. For any age, any couple, and any family there are exciting Holden Beach things to do on rainy days.

Rainy Days At Home

The thought of a beach vacation with any time spent indoors, and not at the beach, seems contradictory. However, PROACTIVE properties offer a vacation destination right within themselves. With a little bit of flexible attitude, and maybe some creative thoughts, it will be easy to forget about the rain and simply enjoy your day.

Rainy Days And Games

Beach Vacation Home Board Games

With PROACTIVE you’ll be staying in a beautiful home that could be the perfect location for entertainment. Many of our homes offer Smart TV’s, Amazon Firesticks, or ROKU plug-ins. This technology makes a rainy day the perfect time for a mid-day movie. Head to the local store, grab some popcorn and snacks, and create your very own movie viewing experience! Not looking to just sit in front of the TV? Then maybe an interactive game is the best option. Some of our homes offer a variety of cards, board games, and more that are available for your use during your stay or you can bring your own just in case. No cards or games available? Try something like charades or Pictionary that don’t need anything extra to play!

Rainy Days And Cooking

Although there is plenty to keep you busy during the day, what if the rain does not stop? A rainy day is the perfect excuse to create an over-the-top family cooked meal. With plenty of local groceries and fresh seafood available, this could be a meal you remember cooking for a long time! Looking for fresh ingredients? Check out our local guide for seafood and groceries HERE. Whether it’s a family meal teaching your kids how to cook, or a romantic dinner paired with a bottle of wine, this rainy day meal will be a memory that lasts a long time.

Rainy Days Out of the Home

Although PROACTIVE offers beautiful vacation homes, we also realize that not everyone will want to be stuck in the house on a rainy day. Luckily, there are many options to get you out of the house while still staying indoors and dry. The Holden Beach area offers a variety of local activities to keep the whole family entertained.

Rainy Days and Dining

Holden Beach offers a variety of dining options for every meal of every day. From coffee, to lunch, to food trucks, and after dinner drinks. There is plenty to keep you out of the house and eating well on a rainy day. Right here at PROACTIVE we even offer high quality coffee and tea brewed fresh at Cafe Ahora. For a compete list of local dining destinations check out our local guide for restaurants and food HERE.

Rainy Days and Shopping

Antiques, clothing, souvenirs, art, and more! No matter if you are just window shopping, or actually purchasing, there are many options available for the rainy day shopping spree. A perfect time to grab some Holden Beach gifts to commemorate your trip, or maybe a great opportunity to purchase a new outfit for date night away from the kids. It’s easy to spend almost the whole day perusing the antique shops that take you back in time, or to find some art being created by local artists. For a full list of local shopping check out our local guide to shopping HERE.

Rainy Days and Activities

Summer vacation activates don’t always have to be outdoors, and there are many options for a wide variety of families and ages. From arcades, to bowling, as well as wineries and museums. A full rainy day schedule could easily be filled at local location or within an easy day trip. Looking for more to do outside of Holden Beach? At the perfect location, Holden Beach is only about an hour from Myrtle Beach or an hour from Wilmington. A quick day trip to another area can open up a world of possibilities to keep you and your family entertained even on the worst of rainy days!

Plan Your Holden Beach Vacation

When planning for a summer vacation the focus is most likely going to be on sunshine, outdoors, and of course the beach. However, don’t forget to plan for those “un-planned” moments. Don’t get caught in the rain with nothing to do; there are plenty of Holden Beach things to do. Instead, with some of the suggestions here and our local guide, keep you and your family entertained even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Have a great rainy day memory from your PROACTIVE vactaion? Share a picture and tag us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM while using the hashtag #PROACTIVE_Vacations. We love to see how our guests are enjoying their stay at Holden Beach!

Don’t forget to check out our full blog HERE for tips for planning a beach vacation, as well as local information. Interested in keeping up with our recent posts? Sign-up for our newsletter below!




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