PROACTIVE Vacation Home Guidelines

Below you will find general advice, or your vacation home guidelines, for staying in your PROACTIVE Vacations home while in Holden Beach. This information can also be referenced HERE, as well as within the guestbook provided within each of our homes. If at any time you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us.


PROACTIVE Vacations WELCOME - Vacation Home Guidelines

Home Guidelines:

Long Distance Calls – A long distance block has been placed on your phone; however, all 1- 800 number calls are free.

The Owners’ Closet – All homes are equipped with a locked owners’ closet or storage room. We ask that you be respectful of these areas as they are not intended for guests. Please do not open or tamper with these closets.

Grilling/Fireplace – It is strictly prohibited by the fire ordinance of the state of North Carolina to use grilling equipment in multiple unit buildings or on wooden decking. ALL grilling should be done on the ground level of the rental property. Grilling is not permitted under carports, porches, or wooden decks. All grills must be at least twenty (20) feet from any part of any structure while in use or producing any heat. This includes overhangs of any structure. Please roll grills out beyond the building structure. Never use charcoal in gas grills and please remember it is the guests’ responsibility to clean the grills before departure. Charcoal and lighter fluid are not provided. Please refrain from using fireplaces during summer months or in high wind conditions.

Gatherings/Occupancy – Please respect your neighbors and the home in which you are staying. House parties are strictly prohibited. The number of guests occupying a property is limited to the number stated on the confirmation and exceeding the specified occupancy constitutes a breach in the lease agreement (except for an infant requiring a crib)and these limits are strictly enforced. All homes are limited to families, married couples or adults 25 years of age or older. For groups not meeting these requirements PROACTIVE Vacations will be glad to suggest some resorts in the area to accommodate you. Campers, vans, or buses may not be used to increase the capacity.

Events, Parties, and Other Visitors – House Parties are Prohibited on the Premises. Any special events such as but not limited to: family reunions, weddings, receptions or anniversaries are not permitted at the Premises without express, written permission by the Agent. Special Events require additional lease provisions, event fees, insurance, and/or additional security deposit.

Dishwashers – Please only use detergent deemed suitable for a dishwasher. Using regular dish soap will produce too many suds and can clog drains, producing an overflow.

Extra Light Bulbs – We are aware that light bulbs go out unexpectedly. In this event, each property should be equipped with extra bulbs in a storage cabinet. If you are unable to find the extra supply or are unable to reach the light that needs changing, please call our housekeeping or maintenance department and they will address the light at their earliest convenience. Any light bulbs changed are to be left in the cabinet.

Carpet/Upholstery – We are aware that accidents happen. If you happen to stain the carpet or upholstery, please do not attempt to remove the stain yourself. Contact our office as soon as possible so that we can plan to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Pet-Friendly/Dog Only Homes – Pets are allowed at ONLY pet designated properties. A nonrefundable pet fee will be required when bringing a pet. A dog friendly home is limited to a single dog or 2 dogs with the combined weight of 50lbs. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules with regard to tenancy service dogs are honored. Guests who may be sensitive or allergic to pet hair or dander should be aware that it is not guaranteed that a pet has not entered the home. Registered service dogs & owner’s pets may have resided in the property previously prior to guests stay.

Loss of Personal Property – PROACTIVE Vacations assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries to guests or for the loss of personal property. It is your job as a guest to make sure your rental home is properly locked upon any and all departures. Open windows should be avoided with the presence of small children. There are no lifeguards present on Holden Beach, so please watch your children carefully and be aware of swimming conditions.

Pools/Hot Tubs – *Very Important* Use pools and hot tubs at your own risk. All pools/hot tubs are cleaned prior to arrival, and also cleaned mid-stay for 7 night rentals.

Outside Shower and Water Spigots – Please make sure the water is turned off at these locations when not in use. The hoses and/or outdoor showers on the deck are there to wash off your beach chairs/toys and as well your feet when coming in from the beach. You will enjoy the house much more without sand being tracked in, though some is inevitable. Please hose off the sand from the deck occasionally to avoid build-up of sand on the deck. Remember the house is only cleaned when you leave.

Games and Puzzles – Many of our homes are furnished with games and puzzles for guests to use. Please be careful to place all of the game pieces and parts back in their respective boxes and/or containers. There may be small pieces to games and/or puzzles that might be attractive for the younger ones to place in their mouth. Parents please be attentive to your younger children when the games are being used. These games and what not are for your convenience and entertainment while here visiting. Please do not remove them from the inside of the home.

Soaking up the Sun – While there are plenty of things to do to stay busy, the most popular is hanging out on the beach. Hopefully your vacation will afford lots of sunshine for your visit to play in the water, build elaborate sand castles, sip on your favorite beverage, or read your favorite book. In all of your fun and relaxation, don’t forget to use sunscreen. We hear too many stories of vacations spent in misery after the first day of someone having too much sun exposure with not enough sunscreen. Being sunburned is not fun. Use plenty of sunscreen and use it often to make your vacation enjoyable.

Splash In the Water – There is nothing more refreshing than the cool ocean water. At the same time it can be very dangerous. Parents please pay attention to your kids in the water, especially their position in the water, and directions they are being pulled. They can have a very powerful force and pull someone under very quickly. Always be aware of what is happening with the water currents and heed the warnings to stay out of the water when the currents are strong.

Furniture and Accessories – Furniture from inside the house is not permitted to be taken outside; including linens and accessories provided in the home. If indoor or outdoor furniture is re-arranged, please ensure that when you check-out it has been placed back in its original place. This includes kitchen items as well. Please do not re-arrange the kitchen.

Parking – Space for parking is provided in the carport and driveway of the property only. Please do not park on the street or in the driveway or carport of adjacent property. As well, do not park on grass lawn areas or areas that are landscaped.

No Smoking – Smoking inside the home is not permitted. There are no exceptions. Please ensure that all cigarette butts outside have been picked up and not littered on the property.

We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!

These PROACTIVE Vacation home guidelines are here to help you enjoy your stay while in Holden Beach. We worry about the details of your vacation home guidelines so you can worry about the fun! Interested in checking out more about PROACTIVE? Follow us on Facebook HERE, and Instagram HERE. Having a great time and sharing your trip on social media? Tag us and use #proactive_vacations for a chance to be featured on our page; we love to see how our guests spend their time at Holden Beach!