When you want your Holden Beach vacation to be absolutely perfect, smart travelers know that the best vacations begin and end with the sanctuary they choose to shelter them. Not satisfied with a beach vacation near the beach, you want a beach vacation ON the beach, offering the laid-back waterfront lifestyle and the serenity of the sea to fill your every moment. Our Pop’s Inn property at PROACTIVE Vacations will meet and exceed your every desire! Offering four tranquil bedrooms, two spacious baths, and room for up to eight travelers to live together in peace and harmony, this charming seaside cottage will brighten your vacation days and embrace you during your vacation nights! Today, we are shining the spotlight on Pop’s Inn, building up your anticipation of a beach vacation you will never forget.

Filled with Light and Warmth

This cottage is warm and welcoming, and when you step into its light-filled spaces for the first time, you will fill instantly at home. Built on stilts, the clapboard-sided structure stands high, providing excellent views of the sea in its backyard, and as you dash up the steps, knowing your vacation is about to begin for real, the sounds of waves crashing against the sandy shores will provide a serene background to the start of your most favorite chapter in your personal autobiography!

The living area of Pop's Inn

Follow the paths made of wood to the first stop on our tour of beauty, the living room of Pop’s Inn. Here is where family or friends will lounge on colorful and soft sofas and chairs, all precisely placed so as to enjoy views of the state-of-the-art television mounted to the wall in the corner and the star of this vacation show, the sea that lies just beyond the oversized sliding glass doors that lead out to the balcony. Keep these doors open and let the scents, sights, and sounds of the water be a constant companion to your interior adventures or simply spend as much time as you can on the white-painted rocking chairs that are lined up on along the rails. This outdoor space will be your favorite, and if you do nothing more than sit out here with your favorite tropical beverage in hand, toasting the sun as it sets beautifully day after day, then we think you can consider this vacation a complete success!

But for now we are going to take this tour back inside, visiting all the rooms left unexplored up to this point. Throughout Pop’s Inn, the sea is a constant theme, apparent in the hues of sky, sand, and sea that adorn all the surfaces, in the paintings of whimsical heron hanging on the wall behind the cobalt blue sofa, and in the materials used for pillows, blankets, and more. The dining room in the open concept floor plan features a long wood table surrounded by cushioned wicker chairs and enjoys the same views as the living room, making it the perfect place to play games, build puzzles, and daydream over a cup of coffee and a snack. (You can eat here too, of course!) The kitchen is a spacious room gleaming white and featuring granite countertops, painted white cabinets, subway tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances that might just encourage you to prepare a meal every once in a while! Also offering a full-sized laundry set, this kitchen is a multipurpose space that the family will love to hang out in, and with five wood stools bellying up to the breakfast bar, it’s the ideal spot for morning bowls of cereal.

The bedrooms of Pop’s Inn each offer something special that makes them stand out, ensuring that no guest feels slighted. There are flatscreen televisions in every room except one, but the one without the television is an oceanfront space with two twin beds and incredible views. The bedroom with a king bed offers street views and shared access to one of the baths, (as do all the bedrooms) but often, instead of choosing this as a master suite, tired parents seeking peace will enjoy the comforts of the queen bed in the oceanfront bedroom, where multiple sets of windows can be opened to let in the light and the sights and sounds of the ocean. The last bedroom is another twin room, also offering two twin beds, a colorful mural of an octopus in snorkeling gear, and its own television. All bedrooms are comfortable, serene, and spacious, ensuring that every night’s sleep will be deep and filled with happy dreams.

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The perfect North Carolina beach vacation deserves this idyllic vacation beach house. Reserve Pop’s Inn today and discover a world in which peace, relaxation, and comfort are the norm and chaos and stress are kicked to the curb!

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