The good thing about staying at a Holden Beach vacation rental is that you’ll have some of the comforts of home while on your vacation. From a stocked kitchen to comfy beds, PROACTIVE Vacations homes are your home away from home at Holden Beach, but what about things you will need to pack from home? Here is a quick cheat sheet on the top 5 things you might not think to pack when going on your Holden Beach vacation.

1. Chargers & Adapters

While it seems like a given, be sure to pack all the chargers and adapters for your electronics – cell phones, tablets, laptops, game systems and the like. There’s nothing worse than watching the power drain on your device while frantically hunting for the charger that is 200 miles away at home. It’s a good idea to pack a couple of portable chargers as well – they come in handy when on the beach or out sight seeing.

2. Spices & Condiments

While you can pick up most everything you need from the local stores, it might make sense to pack frequently used spices and bring them with you. That way you aren’t rebuying a ton of expensive spices just to cook with for a week and have to haul back home.

3. Safety Gates

If you have little ones, they’ll want to explore their new surroundings in a vacation rental. Pack a portable safety gate to keep them safe away from stairs, both inside and while enjoying outdoor deck areas.

4. Towels

While you can rent bath towels locally to prevent having to pack them, it’s still a good idea to pack beach towels for the beach and pool. They get more sandy and wet than you would think, so plan for a least a couple per person for the time you’re here.

5. Paper Products & Plastic Bags

Again, you can pick these up locally, but it’s a good idea to pack at least one roll of toilet paper and a roll of paper towels to hold you over until you are able to make a trip to the store. And zip-loc bags will be used more than you think – from organizing items in your suitcase, to dividing up snacks and packing a cooler for the beach.

Only you truly know what you’ll need to be comfortable while on your Holden Beach vacation , and your packing list may be a mile long, or a minimal as a change of clothes and a toothbrush. But, no matter how you pack, you’re sure to have a great vacation with a rental from PROACTIVE Vacations!

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