CHECK-IN TIME IS 4:00 PM – Check-in time is strictly enforced to assure that all our homes are in good condition and ready for you to begin your vacation. Guests who enter the property or park at the property prior to scheduled check-in are considered to be trespassing.  Guests will be asked to leave until their check-in time and will be charged an automatic $80 fee. Please remember that during prime season (June, July and August) each home in the PROACTIVE program must be readied for occupancy within a very tight time frame. In many cases, homes require maintenance repairs, additional cleaning time, etc. PROACTIVE will make every effort to assure that all our properties are clean and ready for occupancy by 4:00 PM, but this is not guaranteed. In certain unavoidable situations, it may be necessary to delay occupancy until the property is ready. There are no refunds for late occupancy.  With advance request, early check-in may be available on a limited basis for some properties. If early check-in is approved, your check-in time will be 2:00 PM and the fee will be $80.00.


We Strive for Clean Rentals – Upon your arrival, we ask that you please look around your home to see that everything is in order and the level of cleanliness meets your satisfaction. It is our goal to provide you with the best stay possible, starting with your home. We ask that if the home is not in good order, then please call our Housekeeping Department at 910-842-3876. If you have not notified us within 24 hours of arrival, then we will assume that you have found your home to be suitable for your stay.


Reporting Existing Damage – Please look around your home upon arrival and report any existing damage to us within 24 hours. This will allow us to document that the damage occurred prior to your arrival.


Linens/Rental Equipment – All linens are delivered prior to your arrival. If you do not see linens located inside your home, please check the beds before calling our housekeeping line, as some of our homes require beds to be made prior to our guests’ arrival. In the event you experience any issues or wish to order more linens, please call our Housekeeping Department.


Air Conditioning – Unless the unit appears to be completely nonfunctional, we ask that you please wait 24 hours before reporting any air conditioning problems. During the summer months, please keep the AC unit set at 74 degrees, no lower. Setting the thermostat at a lower temperature too quickly can cause the unit to freeze up, resulting in having to shut the unit down for a lengthy time period. Please turn unit(s) off while windows and doors are open.


Refrigerator – We ask that you please allow 24 hours before reporting any refrigerator issues. Due to the refrigerator being opened during check-in and check-out, for lengthy periods of time, it may take time to return to the normal cool settings. Make sure refrigerators and freezers are always set to the medium setting. Turning them too high will cause the compressor to freeze. Avoiding excessive opening/closing on your first day will help the cooling process.