There are many locations you can go for a regular cup of coffee in Holden Beach. However, sometimes we want more. Nothing beats the atmosphere and menu of true Holden Beach coffee shops offering all the specialty drinks you can think of. From espresso, to iced, to smoothies and more; Holden Beach hosts two fully functioning coffee shops including Cafe Ahora and Ocean Boulevard Coffee. In this post, we will be highlighting our very own, the Cafe Ahora.

Holden Beach Coffee at the Cafe Ahora

Cafe Ahora

Cafe Ahora, located on the Causeway just before the bridge, features a wide selection of drinks. The specialty item on our menu, like any good coffee shop, is our coffee beans. Available in a variety of drinks including regular coffee, espresso, lattes, and more. Cafe Ahora’s coffee beans are fresh and locally roasted to give customers the absolute highest quality coffee experience. And if that’s not enough, the coffee beans are also available by the pound! Bring some of that fresh Holden Beach coffee home to brew your very own pot of fresh local beans.

Holden Beach Local Coffee Beans Dark Roast and Light Roast

Social Media

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Specialty Menu

Cafe Ahora, although know for the coffee, also hosts a variety of specialty drink options. From smoothies to tea and everything in between, even the pickiest of customers will find an item to satisfy their craving! From here, you’ll find rotating seasonal specials, flexible frozen drink options, and flavored coffee classics. These drinks will not disappoint! Therefore, you can bring the whole family for everyone’s cafe needs. In addition, every customer is welcome to request a custom drink order based on our list of available ingredients.

Cafe Ahora Iced Coffee Drink with Whipped Cream

Food & Snacks

While Cafe Ahora is not a full service kitchen, there are plenty of snack items to complete your trip. Firstly, you have your breakfast items such as muffins, waffles, and turnovers. Each a perfect pairing with your morning coffee. Then, you have your sweet tooth items. From brownies to cookies and even chocolate covered espresso beans; The options are a great mixture of sweet and satisfying!

Cafe Ahora Snacks and Food Sweet Cookies Granola


Cafe Ahora offers seating in the cafe in both couch and bar style areas. Looking to get some work done? We print the wi-fi password on all receipts for customer usage. The wi-fi makes for a perfect location to get away from the busy beach crowds for some quiet work while on vacation.

& More

Although coffee is the focal point of the Cafe Ahora menu, the drink options don’t stop at just tea and smoothies. Drinks also available in the cafe include beer, wine, and wine slushies. Beer and wine sections are continuously rotating. Due to this, you’ll need to stop in and see everything offered! This makes Cafe Ahora the perfect one stop shop when you’re on the way to the beach for the day. Grab a coffee and a muffin to get started and take some beer to go for the afternoon. You will not regret a visit to Cafe Ahora while in Holden Beach!

Keeping Up With The Local Holden Beach Coffee Shops

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