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Holden Beach in September

Visit Holden Beach in September

Summer is one of the busiest beach seasons around the world and vacation homes are filled early. If you are one of the many families who cant find a rental this summer, don’t worry! You can enjoy all that Holden Beach has to offer in September. The beach rental off season begins late August and continues through the fall, offering a wide availability of benefits to you the renter!

September is Peak Off Season

September is right at the tail end of the summer and when most people look beyond the beach for a vacation. However with regular temperatures in the 80’s, and water temperature in the high 70’s, September offers the best of both worlds. The air is warm and the water is refreshing, which can all be enjoyed from a less-crowded beach. You won’t have to worry about fighting for a spot in the sand, giving your family the most relaxing beach experience this area can offer.

September Weather

One of the things people like most about the beach is beautiful weather and sunshine. But what about in September? In September you are right at the tail end of summer and not quite into the fall season. Holden Beach in the summertime can get very hot, and we mean HOT! Is the heat limiting, or effecting your time at the beach? Instead of worrying about sweating all day you can visit in September. The air is still warm, the ocean breeze is cooling, and the water is still warm enough for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

September Crowds?

Now that we have the perfect beach temperature for relaxing, what about the crowds? We often associate beach vacations with long lines, packed restaurants, long waits, and limited beach space. September brings you a relief from navigating crowded beaches and limited space in Holden Beach. No need to get up early to claim your spot in the sand, visit your favorite restaurant without long waits, and shop at your favorite stores without long lines. Your family will enjoy having plenty of time and space to relax during your trip.

September Rentals

If you’ve been to Holden Beach before, you might have a favorite home your family likes to rent. Unless you reserve it during your last trip, it can often be difficult to get the same home again. Your chances are much higher in September! During the summer, homes are limited to full week (Saturday through Saturday) rentals due to high demand. This limitation is lifted in the off season, offering lower minimum night stays. This means you are not confined to spending a whole week in Holden Beach and you can check-in/out any day of the week! In addition to home availability, many homes offer lower rates during the off season.

Book September Now!

If all of this is starting to sound pretty good, you may be in need of a September vacation in Holden Beach! Check out our full property list HERE to find the perfect home away from home. Interested in keeping up with PROACTIVE Vacations? Check us out on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for frequently updated content or subscribe to our monthly newsletter below.

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