Following the end of November, and Thanksgiving, December brings in the peak holiday season. It’s a beautiful time to spend with friends and family making memories to last a lifetime. If you were to just watch television, anywhere from sitcoms to commercials, it depicts this time of year with cold weather and snow, not to mention also busy shopping days. What if you were to make a new tradition by instead spending your holidays on the beach? Whether you’re celebrating with family or close friends, we’re here to help you create new traditions and unique memories.

Unique Memories and New Traditions

Depending on how you normally spend your holiday season it can be hard to think of changing anything about your yearly routine. However, has the season just become a routine to go through the motions? Maybe you try something new this year to break up the pattern, and that ‘something new’ might just become the best tradition you’ve just started. If you think it will be hard to change plans just think of your current traditions; At one point in your life that tradition was done for the first time.

Generally speaking, people spend the holiday’s in a relatively similar way. That being said, there is nothing wrong with how anyone enjoys their time. But what if the greatest gift of all isn’t physical items to your family but instead a trip that will create memories to last forever? We will gladly supply you with a beautiful home for a Holden Beach holiday. All you have to do is bring the holiday spirit! Come and stay with us for a week or spend several weeks and ring in the new year. The options are endless when you celebrate the holidays on the beach.

Ditch That Winter Coat

Winter is the perfect time to escape south if you live in the northern part of the county. Ice, snow, sleet, and below freezing temperatures all sound like great reasons to get away to the beach! The weather on Holden Beach during the month of December cool and comfortable without needing that heavy winter jacket. Of course, you won’t be swimming on this trip but there are many options to enjoy the beach during the less crowded winter season.

Clear Ocean Views During Holden Beach Holiday

The winter season on Holden Beach offers a unique time of year where the skies are clear and the views are endless. Due to where the island is located, this time of year offers beautiful vantage points for both sunrise and sunset right from the beach. So if you are an early riser or a late sleeper, there are plenty of opportunities to view beautiful skies on your winter trip to the beach.

Fewer Crowds

Other than offering clear weather this time of year, the winter month also offer clear beaches. Most people generally think of the beach as a summer destination. Therefore, the winter months offer fewer crowds and more room on the beach for you and your family. Not only will you create unique holiday traditions but you’ll almost feel like you have the beach to yourself!

Give The Gift of Memories

So are you ready to spend your holidays in paradise? Be sure to view all of our properties or call us direct at 910-842-1550 to find the perfect holiday beach vacation! Interested in keeping up with Holden Beach local information? Follow PROACTIVE Vacations on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM or check out our full blog HERE.

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