Heading to Holden Beach, North Carolina any time of year is worth your while, but if you’re lucky enough to road trip this direction in the spring, it’s an experience you just won’t want to miss! Whether you’re one for hiking and biking, or beach hopping and fishing, Holden Beach has something wonderful for you to enjoy. The following are just a few of the activities and attractions you’ll want to add to the itinerary to make the most of your road trip this way.

Enjoy Time on the Beach

A spring trip to Holden Beach isn’t truly considered complete without some well-earned time on the sand. The sensational stretches of shoreline that make up this area are a wonderful place to dig your toes in and enjoy soaking up the rays when the weather is just right. Even if you find that your spring trip comes with fluctuating temperatures, a beach stroll is well worth your while. If you’re road tripping your way this direction with little ones in tow, you’ll want to consider turning that beach visit into a shelling excursion too!

Rent a Bike and Hit the Trails

Mild temperatures on your side in the spring makes it a great season for cyclists heading this way to enjoy time on the trails. Holden Beach hosts a maze of bike and hiking trails to explore when you can’t wait to take in the scenery on two wheels. The area also has a variety of bike rental shops that are willing to help visitors get set up with the right gear to make the most of a half or full day of fun and beyond. Beach Fun Rentals, Boomer Rentals, and Mr. Beach Rentals are just a few options to start with when you’re ready to get those cycling adventures underway.

Get the Most out of Golf Courses

For many travelers, a trip anywhere isn’t the same without a tee time involved and a spring road trip to Holden Beach isn’t an exception. Fortunately for those who head this way this time of year, the weather is just right to make the most of the many nearby golf courses that dot the terrain. Guests will find that the Brunswick Isles abound with options that are ideal for golfers of all skill levels. From mini golf to full course fun, it’s easy to customize your time on the greens.

Book a Fishing Charter

The waters that hug the shoreline of Holden Beach are some of the most abundant when it comes to fish species. This makes for an ideal scenario in the spring when anglers head this way. While getting out on the water solo and casting a line is always an option, Holden Beach is also home to a variety of fishing charter companies that are willing to show guests exactly where to go to get the best of bites. When you’re ready to reel in an exciting catch and learn more about angling in this area along the way, Holden Beach Fishing, Catch 22 Fishing Charters, and Fisher Charter Services are all great options to start with. Gear is included with the cost of the excursion and departure times can generally be customized according to guest preference.

Explore Coastal Lighthouses

If you’re willing to take a little trip in the name of maritime history and fun, you’ll find that Brunswick County is home to two of North Carolina’s seven lighthouses. When you want to get an up close look, you won’t have to go far to find them. The Oak Island Lighthouse is mesmerizing to behold while the Old Baldy Lighthouse is a step back in time. Both can conveniently be viewed from the Southport Waterfront towering into the distant sky. If you want a closer look at Oak Island Lighthouse, it’s accessible via Caswell Beach from Southport. To reach Old Baldy, you’ll need to hop onboard a passenger ferry to Bald Head Island.

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Taking time to unwind, relax, and enjoy life is easy to do when you make your way to Holden Beach any time of year. When you’re looking for amazing accommodations to match, the team at Proactive Vacations has you covered. Reach out today to learn more about our exciting Holden Beach vacation rentals!

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