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Prepping for a Holden Beach Vacation with Kids

If you’re planning on booking a Holden Beach vacation rental this year for a Holden Beach vacation with kids, rest assured your family will enjoy all the attractions and amenities this area has to offer. Luckily for you, Holden Beach is rated the top beach in the country according to National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine. From toddlers to teens, there is something to appeal to everyone at this North Carolina coast destination.

Babies and Toddlers

Little ones love the beach. From the sand to the gentle waters, there is plenty to occupy your wee one’s attention while enjoying the beach. All you have to do is come prepared. Your Holden beach rental is an ideal way to experience the joy of this North Carolina destination, but you’ll need to bring along some creature comforts so your small children are happy. Always check to confirm what is and isn’t included in your rental. Oftentimes, basic linens and small appliances are provided, as well as dishes and limited utensils. There is usually a TV or two along with a DVD player, but again you’ll want to confirm this.

Be sure to bring plenty of their favorite movies to watch, along with their favorite blankies, snacks, food, bottles, diapers, visors, and beach bag complete with sunscreen, rash guard and towels. Just remember you shouldn’t put sunscreen on babies under the age of six months so cover them up and keep them out of the sun. You may want to check on rental services in the area if you are coming a long way and don’t want to haul a crib, playpen, stroller and high chair. Otherwise, you’ll have to bring these things from home. A good tip for the beach is to bring a mesh tote bag for collecting seashells and wet beach toys that can easily drain out when back at the rental house.

Kids and Teens

For the older set, don’t forget all the electronics, phones, chargers and video games that will keep them busy during downtime. Bring movies they can watch at night for when the little ones go to sleep. For the beach, don’t forget the waterproof sunscreen, beach games like paddle ball and football, and kneeboards for playing in the waves. Bring extra cash and keep it in a small change purse that they can grab if they want to get a snack or drink.

Prepping for  your Holden Beach Vacation with kids will ensure everyone’s happy and relaxed. We offer a variety of topics that help to keep you and your family safe while at the beach. Click here to see all beach safety blog posts and be sure to follow our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for continuous updates.

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