It may be just a product of our overactive imaginations or simply a sign of how much we love our hometown in Holden Beach North Carolina, but it feels as if the sun shines brighter here. Offering a warmth that we hold close to our hearts, your upcoming vacation to our favorite place on earth will help you see things the way we do, especially when you choose our Proactive Vacations Sweet Carolina for your home sweet Holden Beach vacation home. Offering 4 serene bedrooms, 3 spacious baths, and the laidback beachy lifestyle that will calm your soul and quiet the noises in your brain, Sweet Carolina is built to handle the demands of up to 8 people, ensuring your North Carolina getaway will help bring you closer to the ones you love! Located just across the street from the ocean, briny scented breezes will tickle your fancy and the sounds of waves crashing against sandy beaches will lull you into a state of joy and serenity you will wish could last forever! This guide to the charms and comforts of Sweet Carolina will give you a sneak peek into one of our most popular homes, giving you a little something extra to look forward to as you cross off the days on your calendar!

Sweet Carolina living area

Welcome Home to Paradise!

Standing high on the street, the mint green exterior of Sweet Carolina may have you craving an ice cream cone of the same flavor, but unlike the ice cream, this home will stand strong no matter how bright the sun’s rays. Take a few minutes to enjoy the views from the covered porch, sinking into one of the rockers that line up against the railing, temporarily leaving your bags at the doorstep of your Holden Beach escape and waiting until the serenity of the scene you are staring at sinks into your soul.

Finally opening the door to beauty and calm, it’s time to follow the path of engineered hardwood floors (designed to resemble the driftwood on the beach) into spaces filled with light and warmth. The colors of the sea are vibrant ones that are reflected in the décor of Sweet Carolina, including sky blue painted walls, the red of coral in the art work, and an assortment of other sea themed hues that help keep the beach near, even as sea themed art reminds you that the beach is “just over there!” The living room is a vibrant space, offering tropical prints on the white painted wicker furniture and a state-of-the-art television that carves out its own perch in a book shelf fully loaded with art, games, books, and movies, with the latter of which being intended for use by our guests.

An open concept floor plans lets visitors stay connected as they do their own thing leads visitors to the next room on the tour, the dining room that is situated directly behind the living area. Anchored by a farmhouse-style table surrounded by red chairs and a charming bench, this is where games will be played, meals will be devoured, and important conversations will be held. The kitchen of Sweet Carolina is a modern room, filled with painted white cabinets topped with granite countertops, and offering a large breakfast bar that is the perfect spot to enjoy donuts in the mornings, a glass of wine in the evenings, or leftovers by the light over the microwave.

The garage areas that are downstairs from the main living space offer more places to play. A ping pong table, a billiard table, and even a poker table make this space entertainment central, as does the large television mounted to the wall. The backyard of this charming beach cottage offers another cool surprise in the form of a crystal clear pool, surrounded by wood decking and wicker lounges that are sure to make the white-fenced backyard one of the most popular spaces in the home! An outdoor shower can also be found out here, ensuring that the sand from your day at the beach stays in the great outdoors where it belongs.

Sweet Dreams

Each of the 4 bedrooms is designed to give occupants the best night’s sleep of their lives. Offering premium beds topped with the silkiest of linens, the paint on the walls continues the ice cream theme on the exterior and televisions that help make the transition from wide awake to sound asleep an easy and fun one. Shut the doors to the chaos of real life and let the serenity of the day sneak into the dreams you enjoy in these rooms and wake up every morning feeling rested and ready for a new day of Holden Beach adventures!

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