June and July are the most coveted beach vacation months in Holden Beach. Kids being off from school, warm weather, and many jobs offering summer flexibility, create a rush for people to book beach vacations during this time. At PROACTIVE, many of our homes book for the following year around a year prior to the trip! So for those looking for the perfect beach vacation, but not finding that June or July are working, what can be booked? That’s were the “sweet spot” of Holden Beach in August comes into play.

Holden Beach in August

June and July being the busiest beach months around the world, often fill vacation homes quickly and early. If you are one of the many families who cant find a rental this summer, don’t worry! You can enjoy all that Holden Beach has to offer in August. The beach rental off season begins in August and continues through the fall, offering a wide availability of benefits to you the renter!

Summer’s Not Over Yet!

August in North Carolina is still very much within the summer months of the year. Temperatures are still warm, and the water is incredibly refreshing. Although August begins the rental “off-season,” vacationers can enjoy their trip without ever feeling like they missed that prime summer beach feeling. Having the best of both worlds, Holden Beach in August gives our guests summer weather with fall crowd levels. You will not be fighting for a spot on the shore, and your family will gain a relaxing beach experience without missing out on the sun.

August Weather?

One of the things people crave most about the beach in summer is warm weather, refreshing water, and plenty of sunshine. But what about in August? In August you are still within the summer season, which does officially end until September 22nd, and still quite distant from the fall season. Holden Beach in the June and July can get very hot, and we mean HOT! July is statistically the hottest month of the year for Holden Beach. Even with the ocean water to cool you off, the hot temperatures of July can be too much at times. Instead of worrying about traveling during one of the hottest months out of the year, think about traveling in August. The beach still feels like summer, the ocean breeze is cooling, and the water is refreshing.

August Holidays?

Some of the busiest times to travel will be surrounding national holidays. Often days off from work for a holiday prompt trips due to needing to request less time off from work in order to travel. In June and July you’ll be fighting crowds around Memorial Day (leading into June), Father’s Day, and Independence Day. However, in August you won’t see any major holidays within the month. The closest holiday weekend is Labor Day, at the beginning of September. Less holidays in August means less travel opportunities for many vacationers during this month. Sometimes, it will be a benefit to you and your family to go against the grain, traveling when others are not traveling.

August Crowds?

August in Holden Beach is an interesting time for crowds. Many schools across the country begin anywhere from mid-late August and some in other parts go back early September. Due to this vast difference we notice a drop off in demand during the month of August. So what does this mean for vacationers? Well, it means that you won’t need to worry about long lines, packed restaurants, long waits, or limited beach space. The revolving door of when school begins keeps a steady rotation of visitors without the extreme crowds. The perfect beach temperature, refreshing ocean water, and low crowds makes for the perfect vacation ‘sweet spot’ during the year. If you’re lucky and the kids go back to school later, your family will enjoy having plenty of time and space to relax during your trip. Or maybe you don’t have kids or are retired. This time of year is perfect for couples looking to have that perfect beach getaway!

August Rentals

Rental homes in Holden Beach book very quickly, often being reserved a year prior to the trip. Unless you reserve it during your last trip it can be quite difficult to find a home during the months of June and July.  Often, it can be impossible to find a home! During the month of August, the chances of finding that perfect home increase to an attainable level. Not looking forward to planning a trip a year in advance or battleing the rush of rental bookings? Then August is the perfect month for you and your family.

Book Holden Beach in August Now!

If all of this is starting to sound pretty good, you may be in need of an August vacation in Holden Beach! Check out our August availability HERE, or check out our full property list HERE to find the perfect home away from home. Interested in keeping up with PROACTIVE Vacations? Check us out on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for frequently updated content or subscribe to our monthly newsletter below.

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