The Lockwood Folly River

Stretching through the heart of Brunswick County you’ll find the Lockwood Folly River. Running from Supply, NC to Holden Beach, NC the Lockwood Folly is a tidal river; Draining water from the Green Swamp and emptying it into the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. As one of the most beautiful rivers in North Carolina, one boat cruise or kayaking trip down the bend might have you saying its one of the most beautiful sights you’ve ever seen.

Lockwood Folly Wildlife

On your tour of the river expect to be surrounded by wildlife. The habitat is ideal for many species creating an abundance of animals that call the riverbank home. Being careful to observe from a distance you may see alligators floating on the current, snowy egrets, and blue herrings stalking prey in the marsh grass. If you’re lucky, you’ll see white tail deer crossing at the narrows or a family of raccoons filling their bellies full of shellfish. A perfect moment to truly become one with nature.


Lockwood Folly Oysters

Life can also be hard on the river and for generations families have earned their living on the muddy shores. Using flat bottom boats, wire baskets, a good pair of oyster boots, and a worn “oyster knocker” the best local oysters come from the Lockwood Folly River. Locals have their secret clamming holes and they know where the biggest red drum can be caught. Time and experience lets them know where to set up their crab pots. Although over time local fishing has become tougher. Due to years of commercial shell-fishing and environmental factors, earning a living has become difficult for all. However, life must go on because for many locals, this is their way of life. Those that work off the river receive a sense of contentment as the warm breeze hits their faces after a hard day on the river, a sense of true peace.



Lockwood Folly Life

The Lockwood Folly river gives life to many in the coastal region. From the locals and the wildlife that depend on the river’s riches, it’s a way of life. Holden Beach isn’t just about sand and sunshine, so grab your kayak or book a tour. This is one coastal gem you must see.

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