VRBO, Airbnb and other vacation rental booking sites can be great. They offer a huge selection of inventory for places around the world, with numerous filters so you can find your dream vacation rental. But there are many advantages to booking directly with a local property management company. Here’s why you should book direct Holden Beach vacation rentals.

Book Direct Holden Beach Vacation Rentals & Save Money

All third party sites charge additional fees for booking a vacation rental through them. When you book direct with PROACTIVE Vacations, you avoid these fees. When looking at one of our homes, “The Salty Cloud” for a 7 night stay (9/10/2022 – 9/17/2022), the total with VRBO  is $3,178.54 while PROACTIVE Vacations total is $2,893.54 for a difference of $285 in fees. $285 would go a long way towards more fun during your vacation!

Personal Service

When you book direct with PROACTIVE Vacations, you always have the option of contacting us directly by phone or email. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have before, during or after booking. We can provide suggestions for homes that meet your needs and because we manage the homes – we know the homes and which ones might be best for what you’re looking for.

We Know Holden Beach

We’re not a company that’s hundreds of miles away – we live and work in Holden Beach and are dedicated to helping our guests have great vacations. Need a restaurant recommendation? Want suggestions for activities? We live here – we can help!

We’re Here

While we hope your vacation is perfect – the reality is that sometimes something goes wrong. A/Cs go out, coffee pots stop working, washing machines stop spinning….when this happens, we’re right here, with full time maintenance staff, and contacts at local providers, to get the issues resolved as soon as possible.

PROACTIVE Vacations is locally owned and operated – our President is a Varnamtown native and we’re invested in the Holden Beach area. By supporting a local company, you can rest assured that your vacation dollars go right back into the local economy supporting the beach that we all love!  Contact us and book your reservation today!

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