The end of summer can be sad as we say farewell to the carefree days and music-filled nights, but in our minds, it is the perfect time to start planning a fall getaway to Holden Beach! Opportunities abound for magic and relaxation, and when you choose any of our PROACTIVE Vacations to shelter you during your adventures in North Carolina, you will wonder why you never thought of taking a fall vacation before now! This guide to the fun, excitement, and wonder you will enjoy during the cool and crisp days of fall will help you fill every moment of your vacation with adventures your friends and family will envy.

Say So Long to Soaring Heat

Although there are far hotter places in the world, Holden Beach in the summer can be a tad warm, and even as beach days, air conditioning, and pool frolics help with the heat, it doesn’t compare to the idyllic temperatures of fall. Early on it will still be warm enough to hang out at the beach, swimming, paddleboarding, or simply lying on a raft under the sun, letting the gentle bobbing of the waves lull you into a peaceful state, and as the season progresses, even if the water gets too chilly for play, you can still bury your toes in the sand and settle in for some much needed hours of reading and napping under the autumn sun. Picnics on the beach are romantic for couples and fun for families, especially when interspersed with creating sandcastles! And when you walk along shore’s edge at sunrise, watching the sky cycle through a kaleidoscope of colors, or on the opposite end of the day, stroll along the cool waters as the sun sets the sky on fire, the colors somehow seem brighter and more vivid, just because of the season.

Goodbye, Crowds!

As the rest of the world returns home to real life, work, and school, you will see the difference not just on beaches that will begin to feel like they belong to you and your family, but in the restaurants, where lines grow shorter, and area golf courses, where tee times become more readily available. The Holden Beach area begins to feel more family oriented, and as you pass people you don’t know, you may be surprised when people smile, wave, or ask how y’all doin’ and really seem to care to hear the answer! The quiet can help your soul relax, perhaps encouraging you to make a fall trip to Holden Beach a new tradition!

It’s Festival Time!

Cooler days make us want to get outside and play, and the festivals that come to Holden Beach during this season are some of our favorites! The Fall Food Truck Festival, held in Ocean Isle Beach on September 30th, provides a taste of the region that you will never forget and features face painting and live music to accompany the delicious foods being served. The North Carolina Oyster Festival has come to Ocean Isle Beach nearly every year for over 40 years, and this deeply rooted tradition will change the way you feel about the oyster forevermore, taking place on the 21st and 22nd of October and offering music, entertainment, arts and crafts, and an oyster shucking contest that will entertain everyone attending. And last but not least, the NC Festival by the Sea, held right here in Holden Beach on October 28th and 29th, promises to be the most fun you can enjoy over two days! Celebrating the season, the sea, and the artistic talents of our local artisans, the NC Festival by the Sea provides much of what you expect from a festival, including music, food, games, and a huge selection of arts and crafts pieces that will make perfect gifts for the upcoming holiday as well as amazing souvenirs of a vacation that will top all others.

Welcome to PROACTIVE Vacations

The best moments of your fall journey to Holden Beach may take place in the PROACTIVE Vacations seasonal sanctuary you chose to make your own! Offering all the comforts of home plus the luxuries you deserve, your time spent with us will take a strong place on your highlight reel of memories. Some will feature heated pools that allow you to extend the carefree days of summer out a little longer, some may provide fireplaces in comfy living rooms that will keep guests warm on chilly fall nights. Pick a home on the beach and let the lullaby of the sea be your constant companion while spending long carefree days with your toes buried in the sand. Reserve your favorite seasonal sanctuary today!

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